Ark Labs partnering with global water organization

February 16, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February 16, 2016 - FLORENCE, Ala. — The Ark Labs, which has produced a cutting-edge water-saving technology for homes and businesses, has partnered with The Thirst Project non-profit's global mission to provide water to those who lack access to clean water.

Ark Labs will donate a portion of profits from sales of its water-monitoring and leak-detecting devices to The Thirst Project in support of their united goal of eliminating waste and serving those who desperately need water.

"This partnership is a perfect match for the good we want to do both in first-world countries like the United States, which wastes $8 billion of water annually, and other parts of the world where people lack access to clean water," Ark founder and CEO Robbie Hillis said.

The Thirst Project is a movement of college and high school students motivated by the fact that waterborne diseases kill more children every year than AIDS, malaria and all world violence combined. They build freshwaster wells in developing countries and impoverished communities. To date, The Thirst Project has built 13 wells, providing clean water to 280,000 people.

"When we bring safe, clean water to a community, it is amazing what happens," said Thirst Project CEO Seth Maxwell, an Indianapolis native. "Disease rates can often drop upwards of 88 percent virtually overnight. Child mortality rates can sometimes drop by upwards of 90 percent overnight.

"Access to safe, clean water means that children no longer have to walk for hours over long distances to fetch dirty, contaminated water. They can take that time and go to school. Women can take that time and get jobs. Water impacts health, education, and every sector of life."

Maxwell called partnering with The Ark an opportunity to align with a company that helps conserve water at home "while giving safe, clean water to those who need it most in our world.

"The potential for ongoing support from Ark is inspiring as we try to tackle some of the most pressing humanitarian issues in our world today."

The Ark's product will soon go into production and be available to the public this fall. Early adopters can purchase The Ark, and support its mission, by contributing as little as $1 or purchasing the product for $130 less than half its retail price on Kickstarter, which will be available until Feb. 27.

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