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February 19, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
February 19, 2016 - Breathing is something each one of us does every day 17,000 times a day as a matter of fact. It's easily one of the most important mechanisms of our lives. However, studies have shown that over 80 percent of adults are breathing the wrong way. Don't let yourself become another statistic - start on your way toward better breathing with help from BreatheSimple.

Over 90 percent of our body's energy comes from breathing. Knowing how to breathe properly not only helps to keep you energized, but it also can vastly improve your overall well-being. When you practice proper breathing techniques, you may just find that you are more relaxed, more aware of your surroundings and less stressed.

Where many people struggle with their breathing is understanding what proper breathing technique really means. Many people do not fully use their entire diaphragm when breathing, resulting in muscular tightness and shallow chest breathing. Full, proper breathing, comes from deep within the abdomen.

If you take a deep breath, inhaling through the nose, not the mouth, your stomach should expand and contract, not your chest and shoulders, as the diaphragm moves upward and downward. While this is very simple for some people, for many others it is an entirely foreign concept. Regardless, it is this full contraction of the abdomen that is considered the most efficient, thorough manner of breathing and what is called proper breathing technique.

One of the greatest benefits of breathing this way is the enhanced blood flow in the body and its bacteria-fighting power. Belly breathing is inextricably connected to the nervous system function and will improve both digestion and recovery. Even in individuals who have been diagnosed with respiratory dysfunction, the practice of diaphragmatic breathing can improve the mechanics of natural breathing.

Better breathing technique has been directly connected to personal wellness. Starting off with some simple exercises can help you become more accustomed to proper breathing techniques and allow you to discover all the benefits of better and more controlled breathing.

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