Florida Credit repair and identity theft firm - The Credit Cleaners, LLC publishes "Do it yourself" credit repair guide

February 22, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
February 22, 2016 - Fort Lauderdale, FL based Credit repair and identity theft firm The Credit Cleaners, LLC and their President Ryan Hatch are excited to announce the release of their "Do it yourself" master guide to credit repair. This 62 page "do it yourself" manual was created for mass consumption complimentary for consumers nationwide. Mr. Hatch is a Board Certified credit counselor, Certified Credit Score Counselor and Certified FICO professional. The Credit Cleaners, LLC has offices in California, Florida and Michigan.

If you're trying to build or rebuild your credit and not having much luck, maybe it's time to consider anew approach. You can start by reading The Master "Do it yourself" Credit Repair Guide.

The Master "Do it yourself" Credit Repair Guide is a guide written to help the reader understand the importance of credit and how to keep or attain good credit. This book in invaluable and will be found useful from start to finish.

Getting a copy of The Master "Do it yourself" Credit Repair Guide is essential to those wanting to better their credit, thus bettering themselves. Even the average Joe needs to know about his personal credit and how it affects him daily. Your credit score is your ticket to obtaining loans for those high priced essentials, like a home or a car. What is a credit report? What does mine say and how do I get one? These questions are on many people's minds and are one of the first topics discussed in the book. Legislation called the FACT Act was passed that allows all Americans to get one free copy of their credit report every year. This report lists all of your debts you've had and your payment history on those debts. It will tell you where you owe money, how much you owe, and how you pay (on time, 30 days late, etc.). All of that information is compiled together and then analyzed. After the analysis, a number is assigned to you as to what your credit fitness level is. But this is only a small idea of what a credit report actually is and does. You will be given all the details once you have the book.

Once you learn about the credit report, you'll want to know your credit score. Finding out your credit score is also discussed in this book. You would think that finding out what your credit score is would be easy. It would seem logical to have your credit score appear right on your credit report, but that's just not the way it is. This book tells you what to look for and also what your number means to you. Your personal credit score number can affect you in many ways.

Also, The Master "Do it yourself" Credit Repair Guide touches on bankruptcy and debt consolidation. You will be given an understanding of these terms and be able to determine if one of these steps in the right one for you to take to repair your current credit situation.

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The Credit Cleaners, LLC is located in Michigan, California and Florida.
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