Wynd Realty Introduces CBR Concept, Creates Inman Park Realty

February 23, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 23, 2016 - Atlanta, GA, Wynd Realty is pleased to announce the creation of Inman Park Realty. Developed as a Community-Branded Realty (CBR), Inman Park Realty will not only have a namesake sales focus but it will be committed to ongoing support in community development.

The CBR concept was born from cultural changes in real estate agent "branding". Real estate agents are looking for branding partners that can bring them both leads and revenue. Seemingly unrelated, local Community Associations are continually looking for ways to generate revenue. Local Community Associations, if they know it or not, can be extremely valuable realty brands. If a Community has enough "brand" value for a sales agent to realize their objective, then a natural, mutually beneficial relationship is available to both.

"A minor change in business modeling allows a CBR to actually become a true partner within any Community", said Jeff Bergstrom, Broker, of Wynd Realty. Traditionally, real estate agents get their "branding" footprint from their affiliated franchise. The franchise, in exchange for agent leads and services, collects a percentage of each agent's commission. Under a CBR, agents get their brand ID as well as their leads directly from CBR related activities. "The money agents used to pay their national franchise for branding is now available to their new branding partner; the Community", said Bergstrom.

Inman Park Realty is now officially a work in progress. The idea behind any CBR is they grow and develop organically. "From the Community, for the Community". Just as Communities are all different, so will be CBRs, as they are meant to be a reflections of the communities they serve.

Wynd Realty is currently looking to staff Inman Park Realty. Recruiting, staffing and establishing a company methodology is expected to take several weeks. "We need to speak to a lot of people. We are looking for a team to run this CBR from top to bottom", said Bergstrom. "You won't see a Wynd Realty logo anywhere, our goal is to simply provide the environment where agents and their Communities can come together" added Bergstrom.

The success of the CBR concept could have significant impact on the real estate industry. The Inman Park realty brand is a perfect example. In 2015, there were 41 reported real estate transactions in Inman Park for a total of over $23M in home sales. Given the traditional realty business models these properties were closed under, it can be estimated that over $100K was paid out to any number of national franchise Brokerages. The keystone concept of a CBR is to keep as much money as possible from a real estate transaction in the local community.

Instead of paying fees to a national Brokerage for branding and leads, agents will donate to their local Community Associations for those same services. If the CBR had been in place last year, and if Inman Park Realty had achieved a modest 20% market share, that would have meant nearly $30K donated back to the Community.

Why donate to Community Associations instead of paying national Brokers? Strong Community Associations add value to an agent's sales cycle. Many brokerages don't. Community Associations have decades of local good will and word-of-mouth branding. If an Association, through branding, passively helps an agent in a sale, the agent would be better served remembering the Association over paying a franchise fee. Helping the Association, helps keep or raises property values, which in turn helps the CBR agent continue to realize leads.

The CBR concept has never been done before. Wynd Realty has no association with Inman Park. As with anything new from the outside, the CBR concept will be met with both skepticism and reserve. Transparency is a requirement. Every step in the development and growth of Inman Park Realty will be published online.

Those interested can follow and contribute to the progress of Inman Park Realty from our website: www.WyndRealty.com, Facebook page: /InmanParkRealty and through Twitter: @InmanParkRealty

Wynd Realty, founded in 2008, is the only Brokerage in the Atlanta real estate market that offers agents a branding product extending DBA, (Doing Business As) status. Any licensed agent of Wynd Realty can start their own realty DBA. Inman Park Realty is another DBA of Wynd Realty LLC.

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