Piceasoft products now available globally for business customers

February 24, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Tampare, Finland, February 24, 2016 - We have been working with our customers to facilitate business opportunities. As an outcome, the Piceasoft online shop has been opened and PiceaServices™ were made available worldwide.

PiceaServices™ consist of three products: PiceaSwitch™ - the fastest solution on the market to transfer content between two phones, PiceaEraser™ - certified solution to erase devices, and PiceaDiagnostics™ - a solution for finding problems with phones.

PiceaServices™ are available as a prepaid license including 10, 25, or 100 transactions (switches, erasures, and diagnoses) or as an annual license as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze license consists of one product, Silver includes any two products, while Gold includes all three products (PiceaSwitch™, PiceaEraser™, and PiceaDiagnostics™).

License options in Piceasoft Online Shop are targeted for business use. End users can visit phoneswitcher.com.

More information about the PiceaServices™ product portfolio is available following this link.

For any inquiry about PiceaServices™, and other Piceasoft products please contact:
Jyri Roselius
CEO, Piceasoft Ltd.
Mobile: +358 40 530 2601
Website: www.piceasoft.com

About Piceasoft Ltd
Piceasoft is an innovative and agile software company developing products to simplify people's mobile life, established in 2012. The company provides computer and Cloud solutions for retail and consumers: once buying a new smart device, the precious data from the old device is transferred safely, available immediately in the new device, and erased from the old phone to recycle it. Solutions also include phone analyses for repair and buyback.

PiceaSwitch™ allows transferring all personal data from old to new phone as well as backup/restore; with PiceaDiagnostics™ service centers and repair shops can save money by finding No-Fault-Found (NFF) causes on the spot as well as estimate the value of phone for recycling; PiceaEraser™ is a software product that enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices by permanently erasing all the sensitive user and system data.

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