Cathedral Village Self Storage Shares 3 Storage Tips: Dealing with 3 Main Problem Areas

February 27, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
February 27, 2016 - It can be overwhelming to look around your house with the prospect of decluttering and getting rid of things. You may be sentimentally attached to items or think you just need them. At Cathedral Village Self Storage, we offer these three tips to help figure out what to store or get rid of from three main problem areas:

Closets - This is a place that many people have trouble reducing. It feels like you wear everything and can be hard to remember when you wore an item last. So the trick here is to hang everything up backward, i.e., turn the hangers around on the rod. As you wear something and hang it back up again, turn the hanger around to normal. After just a month or two, you'll be able to see what your favorites are and which are getting ignored. Those rejects should be given away. If they are seasonal or special occasion, you might consider putting them in your storage facility until you need them.

Furniture - You may feel like you have just too much furniture filling a room or maybe you have a piece you don't like very much but you think you need it, such as a chair in the corner. Just get it out of there. If you can't part with it permanently yet, move it to your storage unit. You may find that you don't actually need it all or you are now open to replacing it with something more functional or that you actually love.

Drawers - Drawers can be a true challenge since it's so easy to just close them and forget about what's in there. But, if you have stuff in there that you don't use, that is still a waste of space. So whether it is your make-up drawer, kitchen utensils or the junk drawer, here's a way to figure out what you actually use. Empty it. Find a box and put everything from the drawer in there. As you use things, put them back in the drawer. After about a week, you'll probably have a good idea what you need to keep. Bad make up choices that you don't use should be thrown away. Extra or specialty kitchen utensils can be donated or stored for when actually needed. Junk drawers are tricky, because there may be things you don't use frequently, but those items may find a better home in the garage to make the rest more visible and easily found when needed.

Decluttering can be a challenge, but is well worth the effort. With these 3 tips, you can make the process a little less stressful and feel good about your decisions on what to store or get rid of. If you find that you have some sentimental items or those that you will need at another time, a storage unit may be a good solution for you. Centrally-located Cathedral Village Self Storage is clean and secure and offers a variety of spaces to fit your needs. Call our resident manager Betty, and she will help make your storage facility decisions less stressful too: (760) 770-7651

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