Personalize The Sounds You Need To Relax With Whist - Sleep Sound Designer, Now Available Free In the Google Play Store

March 01, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
March 1, 2016 - Proper sleep and relaxation are essential for personal health and well-being. Now rest can be enhanced and getting to sleep can be easier with a new app, Whist Sleep Sound Designer, from Sensimetrics Corporation.

Many people find the use of neutral background sounds helpful for relaxing and for getting to sleep. With Whist Sleep Sound Designer it is possible to create sounds varying in pitch and rhythm to fit a variety of situations and moods. Users can create sounds for sleeping, studying, meditating, or taking a stroll, and they can revisit and edit each sound whenever they wish. Whist Sleep Sound Designer gives users complete control of the sound selection process to create their own perfect blend of soothing sounds in a personalized sound library.

Beautifully designed and easy to use, the Whist Sleep Sound Designer app allows users to create their personal sounds via controls that are intuitive to use. It also provides convenient sleep-timer and alarm functions that make it the perfect bedside companion.

"We help you create the unique sounds you need to relax and get to sleep quicker. After all, who knows you better than yourself?" comments a Whist Sleep Sound Designer spokesperson.

Fully committed to users' health and relaxation, Whist Sleep Sound Designer is now available for download in the Google Play store. For more information, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook.

About Sensimetrics Corporation:
Sensimetrics Corporation, founded in 1987, is an R&D company that develops tools and provides services to support research and clinical practice in speech and hearing. Two years ago the company developed Whist Tinnitus Relief, an app that provides flexible user-adjustable sound therapy for ringing in the ears. Whist - Sleep Sound Designer grew out of the clear need for similar functionality to aid relaxation and sleep.

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