Proviera Biotech, LLC and Stahl Announce Strategic Alliance

March 02, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 2, 2016 - Proviera Biotech, LLC, Kansas City, Missouri & Stahl, Waalwijk, Netherlands – Today, Proviera Biotech, LLC and Stahl announced that they have formed a strategic alliance granting Stahl exclusive distributorship of its proprietary technology developed by Proviera Biotech USA, SCD Probiotics USA, and Proklean Technologies in India. Proviera® products are 100% bio-based, a unique biotech alternative to existing petroleum-based chemicals and processing techniques used in the leather tanning industry. This fascinating, breakthrough approach enables tanners to produce high-quality leather while simultaneously reducing their impact on the environment. The agreement signed between the companies also calls for R&D collaboration to accelerate the introduction of additional sustainable and renewable-based technologies to the leather industry.

Reimagining the Future - Stahl Chief Executive Officer Huub van Beijeren explains why this partnership was a natural progression, saying "Stahl believes that by stimulating cooperation in the supply chain, sustainability evolves as a positive consequence. Our agreement with Proviera Biotech is an example of this strategy in action. Reducing the effluent load during leather processing is a priority for the industry and by using Proviera Biotech products our customers can achieve it."

Proviera Biotech, LLC shares this sentiment, seeing the partnership –which it hopes will be one of many- as a huge step in the right direction. Both companies share the vision of improving the environment and creating a better future using probiotic technology. As Proviera Biotech, LLC continues to grow, the company is looking to identify and collaborate with strategic partners in a number of industries. Proviera Biotech, LLC, SCD Probiotics, LLC, and Proklean Technologies are currently developing applications that allow underlying technology to be utilized in the textile, paper, oil/gas, and agriculture sectors. CEO and Founder of Proviera Biotech, LLC Matthew Wood shares Huub van Beijeren's goals for the future, saying "This partnership with Stahl is a pivotal moment for the company. It is through global alliances like this that we will leverage disruptive and sustainable probiotic technology to make the world better."

The study of the microbiome- the microscopic world that comprises humans, plants, and animals and surrounds these entities— has triggered exponential interest as consumers and entrepreneurs seek methods for improving the health of humans, animals, and the environment. As a result of this consumer-fueled demand, there has been an explosive push to harness probiotics for enhanced functionality of these essential microbiomes. With over two decades of research and cutting-edge technology, SCD Probiotics, LLC has ensured Proviera Biotech, LLC is at the forefront of the booming probiotic industry.

Dr. Juan-Carlos Castell Escuer, Sales & Global Technical Director of Proviera Biotech, LLC, elaborates, saying "Proviera Biotech, LLC, is eager to harness its proprietary technology to address existing environmental and health issues prevalent in numerous industries. We're confident that our technical expertise and unique business model will make us an invaluable partner."

About Stahl - Stahl is leading in process chemicals for leather products, performance coatings, and Polymers. Stahl offers a wide range of solutions to the automotive, apparel & accessories, home furnishing, leisure & lifestyle industry and for industrial applications. With more than 1,800 employees in 23 countries at 11 manufacturing sites and 38 laboratories, Stahl is expected to realize an annual revenue of over 600 million euro. With its innovation power, expertise, and range of technical solutions Stahl is able to deliver best-in-class solutions and services to respond even better to client needs and secure a more sustainable future.

About Proviera Biotech, LLC - Proviera Biotech, LLC, affiliate of SCD Probiotics, LLC, is a Kansas City, Missouri-based industrial biotech company. Proviera Biotech, LLC is committed to providing a full spectrum of probiotic and biochemical solutions for various Probiotics for Leather™ applications. Conceived through proprietary consortia technology, these products are designed to provide cutting-edge, superior performance, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional chemicals. The key to achieving this is in "consortia technology," which allows for different strains to coexist, like they do in nature. For additional company or product information, visit

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