In-Call Texting Helps Capture Emails Accurately

March 03, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
March 3, 2016 - SmartAction today released details about its innovative In-Call Text capabilities that have been integrated into its proprietary voice self-service solution, Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA®). IVA® is a disruptive call automation solution that takes ground-breaking artificial intelligence and infuses it with state-of-the-art speech recognition capabilities, creating a customer service experience that rivals that of a live agent.

SmartAction's In-Call Text capabilities enable IVA® to send an outbound text during a live call. Customers are asked to respond to the text message with accurate information. Here's how it works. After receiving permission from the caller and confirmation that the caller is using a mobile phone, IVA® will send an outbound text requesting a specific piece of information, like an email address, which is generally challenging to capture over the phone for both IVRs and agents. Then, IVA® will simply hold while the caller enters the appropriate information and sends the response. When the reply message is received, IVA® will continue the call, and both the customer and the company can be sure that the correct email (or other data) is now on file.

"We all know that texting is popular, and it is actually growing quickly as a customer service channel. It's like built-in chat for your phone. We want to meet customers where they're at, so to speak, and provide an effortless experience to them by capturing accurate data the first time," said CEO Tom Lewis.

Besides data capture, this capability has other beneficial use cases, like sending order confirmation numbers, capturing GPS location, sending Outlook invitations for scheduled appointments, and many others.

SmartAction is currently offering In-Call Text capabilities to new and existing clients. To learn more about it, contact SmartAction at

About SmartAction
SmartAction offers one-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice self-service for medium to large businesses. We use a cloud-based technology grounded in purpose-driven Artificial Intelligence that utilizes Natural Language speech capabilities as a means to complete self-service calls. Commonly used for providing customer service, our Intelligent Voice Automation technology allows companies to handle complex customer interactions with an intuitive, resourceful, and cognizant AI agent. In addition, SmartAction is a registered Visa and Mastercard service provider, PCI-DSS certified, and HIPAA compliant.

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