There's an Alias for Everyone; Tactic Games Adds New Women vs. Men Alias Game

March 04, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
March 4, 2016 - Tactic Games' ever-popular Alias game brand is adding a new member to the family. Be on the lookout for Women vs. Men Alias, the all new outrageously fun version of the company's classic game.

In this latest Alias, you can only win if you know how the opposite sex thinks. Alias games all have one element in common, in which players explain words by using synonyms, opposites and other clues without mentioning the actual word they are describing. This time players will have to try to think like the opposite sex to express themselves.

Imagine the open-for-interpretation content that Tactic Games was able to allow for this version of Alias.

Jay Knox, President of Tactic Games, said, "Women vs Men Alias is sure to be another hit game in our line-up of Alias games. Just imagine explaining some of our clever content in this game without saying the word!"

Women for Men Alias joins the full line-up of Tactic Games' cornerstone game franchise that began with the original Alias game (over 5 million sold worldwide). The Alias product family consists of games for kids, grownups, families and friends. The various Alias games include:
  • Alias Original (7+) - The game that started everyone talking is an entertaining game where the idea is to explain words in other words without actually saying the word that is being explained. Players can help other team members guess as many words as possible within one minute. Just pick a card, check the word, and start talking the idea of Alias is to explain as many words as possible to your teammates. The more words they guess right, the further you get to move on the game board.
  • Family Alias (7+) The Alias game that is equally challenging to both children and adults.
  • Party Alias (teens and adults) Like the original Alias, but if your pawn stops in a "Party" space, players will have to use just sounds, gestures, actions or motions to explain a word!
  • Junior Alias (5+) An Alias game that is an easy way to expand vocabulary and practice cooperative interaction. Junior cards have a word and a picture to help younger players.
  • Dice Alias (7+) Using lettered dices, this Alias adds a fun way to identify which words players will describe and try to get other players to "roll" off their tongues.
  • Travel Junior Alias and Travel Party Alias - Take-along-friendly versions of the Alias games.

  • About Tactic Games:
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