A new crowdfunding app GIFT IT socializes gift giving

March 14, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A "crowdgifting" app GIFT IT socializes gift giving

March 14, 2016 - In a culture of gift giving, Gift it enables someone to launch personalized gift campaigns to fund any gift items from merchant shops or charity causes from foundation partners. Gift giving makes celebration of any life event fun, exciting and convenient.

Gift it makes gifting for any occasion a breeze - SPLIT & CHIP IN! If you're gifting to friends or yourself and you're short of funds, you can split the amount with friends and they chip in. If they can't cover the whole amount, at least you got some help out there, yeah?

GIFT REGISTRY. How many times have you received a gift you don't want and end up giving it away or worse sell or throw it? The app allows you to broadcast your wish and be informed about others' too. No guessing games here. Know exactly what they want and chip in any amount.

GIFT DELIVERY. And how many wasted hours have you spent driving to malls or flea markets during holidays? How about a wedding of a friend or birthday of your best friend's first child and you're rushing to buy a gift?

HASSLE-FREE. Of course, they want that nice little purple crib for a baby shower and you're tasked to collect payments from girlfriends to buy and have it delivered. What a pain! With Gift it, your gift gets delivered right at your doorstep by Gift it's subscribed online sellers.

Honest yet fun and exciting!
SECRET GIFTING. We get so thrilled when we get surprises, don't we? Well, you can organize a gift campaign for a friend without him/her knowing even if you can see each other's wishlist. Use the "keep this a secret" switch.

FREE OR FIXED AMOUNT. You can be chill or strict with your peers and dictate an amount each is required to give to be fair and equal, or in local phrase, "hating kapatid!".

TRANSPARENCY. The app is brutally honest whether your friends have already chipped in or not and how much each has donated via gift log.
CASH BACK. Aside from all that, you earn points as you give which soon can be redeemed as cash or gift item.

More than a social gifting app, it's a social generosity app
FIRST MARKETPLACE. While there are a number of gifting apps available, Gift it is the first app to pool different charitable foundations together to raise funds for their ongoing programs. Just like any marketplace, marketing overhead is reduced with this app model allowing their regular donors to know ongoing causes and give anytime anywhere.

DON'T MISS TO THANK. What the foundations love about the app is their real time Thank You emails to donors. Plus, an email back to foundations of the complete detail of the transaction. With that, they get to thank them separately as they wish.

Gift it is currently partnered with UNICEF, World Vision Philippines, Operation Blessing, Kythe Foundation, Save The Children, SOS Children's Village Philippines, Davao Children's Cancer Fund Inc, UPLIFT, WWF, iCare, CARA, Called to Rescue, Mowelfund, Mr. Boy Abunda's Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation, Care for the Elderly Foundation, Inc. and C.A.R.E (Christian Action for Relief and Empowerment).
More to come!

An alternative for the majority
PAYMENT OPTIONS. Piloting in the Philippines, where more than 90% of internet users don't have credit card or Paypal, Gift it offers alternative payment facilities like Internet Banking, ATM, OTCs, Payment Centers and GCash.
eWALLET. Gifters and donors may conveniently load a wallet once and chip in multiple times. It makes gifting more affordable to many. The hassle of going to payment centers multiple times or filling out credit card forms is out!
The app will soon be available in other countries like India, Indonesia, USA, Canada, UK and others.

For more information, visit giftitapp.net or check our Facebook page
Download the app at HERE, available for iOS and Android phones.
For inquiries, please email info@giftitapp.net.

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