January 23, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
DALLAS—Success University introduces Nutrition Specialist Christopher Guerriero as one of their first new nutrition faculty members. Mr. Guerriero teaches Success University students the secrets to getting rid of stubborn body fat and how to maintain the body they desire.

“We are extremely excited to add such a knowledgeable and reputable speaker to Success University,” said President and CEO of Success University Matt Morris. “Mr. Guerriero is the real thing when it comes to knowing the facts about losing weight.”

Guerriero is the founder and CEO of The National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center. In the research center, he and his staff, study all the weight loss, metabolic enhancement, and longevity programs they come across to determine exactly what effect they have on improving a person’s metabolism, longevity, and their ability to burn fat. Christopher has spent over 15 years studying people who have successfully mastered their metabolism and their ability to look and feel young long into their golden years. He brings the results of his research to the public within days of uncovering it, allowing his clients and seminar participants access to the most recent data as well as to a culmination of all his research, trial and error, and experimentation — to help them find the techniques that guarantee great results—and do so every time those techniques are used properly.

“Christopher Guerriero was an excellent guest on my health show. It's very clear Christopher's is out to shape up America with good, sound "lifestyle changing" advice, said host of Body Talk on K-TIP Radio Mimi Stoneburner. "His book, Maximize Your Metabolism inspired me and my sluggish body to make changes. I'm taking his 30 day challenge to double my energy level and I'm suggesting it to all my listeners!"

Guerriero is the author of five books and several articles, including the world best-seller "Maximize Your Metabolism.” Christopher, and his clients, have been featured in national magazines, on television, and on radio shows across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. To invite Guerriero to speak to your group or to find out more about his learning resources and services visit

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