ConsuNova Releases new DO-254 whitepaper "8 Steps of Reverse Engineering to show DO-254 Compliance"

March 16, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 16, 2016 - In this newly released whitepaper, ConsuNova presents a methodology for satisfying DO-254 and its expected Top Down development process, even when the development progress is out of synch with that expectation. This methodology, commonly referred to as "Reverse Engineering" is clearly broken down into the 8 (eight) tasks of reverse engineering to show DO-254 Compliance.

This paper introduces a methodology for successfully reverse engineering a Proof of Concept (PoC) prototype product, or FPGA, to achieve compliance with DO-254. It describes and represents an alternate means of complying with DO-254 (as DO-254 does not recognize a Reverse Engineering process). Request your copy here:

This DO-254 whitepaper by ConsuNova describes an approach that ensures the core objectives of DO-254 are addressed, given a starting point of a "proof of concept" prototype.

The first section of this paper is a thumbnail overview of the expected Top Down methodology. This is the standard to which Reverse Engineering will be measured. The Reverse Engineering methodology is then described as a breakdown into eight tasks. It should be noted that much of the documentation produced from these tasks will be more extensive and detailed than the Top Down method. This is intentional as it facilitates more extensive review by a more diverse group which will tend to identify more Common Mode Errors.

Mike Smith, ConsuNova V.P. of Business Development adds, "As our engineers and FAA DERs actively teach and solve real life project challenges, we capture those successes and reinvest into new content. Consistently updating our proprietary DO-178/254 and ARP-4754/4761 Whitepapers, Training Material, Process Templates and Checklists is a core value for our customers but also an investment in our community. These topics represent common challenges faced in the aerospace market globally where we strive to present industry best practices and solutions."

ConsuNova continues to thrive bringing effective compliance solutions and services to the aerospace and safety-critical industries. Visit ConsuNova DO-254 Whitepaper Collections to learn more about this whitepaper.

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