Advertising Website Strips Clothing for Cash

January 22, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(New York, NY) - The website is trying yet another variation of a popular advertising trend. Advertisers pay to disrobe Monica, an attractive woman on the front page of, piece by piece. In exchange, the advertisers get to put up advertisements and the general public competes to win a portion of the cash.

The idea is a modification of the popular website,, which successfully sold $1 million of advertising space. Where most copycat websites are an exact carbon copy of, tries to distinguish itself with its unique inclusion of sexual appeal and mystery.

The founder of alluded to numerous mysteries and special items located underneath Monica’s clothing in a recent interview on the “Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show” in Princeton, NJ. The morning DJs pushed and prodded in trying to find out whether Monica is completely nude when all sections are revealed, however the founder did not release any clues. The most expensive location is $1 million and appears as a large black box underneath Monica’s legs.

When sections of clothing are removed, a puzzle is revealed underneath. Anyone can attempt to answer the puzzle and the first person to correctly answer it is rewarded with cash. Puzzles range in complexity and sometimes require the user to click on the advertisement for valuable clues.

The website allows advertisers to keep their location for years, if not longer. also allows advertisers to change their advertisement and allows them to “lease” their space to others, creating an online real estate.

To date, the website has sold $4,111 and has given away $1,750 in puzzle winnings.