The Scalp Micropigmentation Center Explains The Difference Between Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and Classic Body Tattoos

March 30, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
March 30, 2016 - One of the first things to remember is that people 'get what they pay for' which can be satisfactory results when they turn to the experienced professionals or a 'not so great' outcome when they try to take a shortcut. The treatment of hair loss is a field with many solutions for different stages, personalities and preferences but only a few are permanent and still less are non-invasive when compared to transplants.

SMP or scalp micropigmentation is a relatively newer method (only a couple of decades old) where the technician 'tattoos' the head with a special kind of ink to create the appearance of hair. Individuals who choose this method can be completely bald or have specific areas that need help. They must wear their hair short and, unlike other options, there are few restrictions on those who can qualify for this type of procedure. It takes several sessions to complete the entire process and lasts for years before it may (or may not) need to be refreshed and updated. There is nothing removed from the patient so you don't have to worry about painful scarring or lines and the ink is completely safe to be used in this particular area of the body.

Based on this analysis, some prospective patients have inquired on what makes SMP different from getting a tattoo since they both use needles and ink to create an image or appearance. The experts are quick to point out that there are several differences in the tools and a significant difference in the type of expertise needed to accomplish SMP as a hair loss treatment method.

The pigments used by tattoo artists are very good and colorful but they can be unreliable in the color used and fade after time. The colors used in SMP are specifically designed to be natural looking and as they do fade after a very long period of time, they will simply soften into a shade of black. Needles are another vital tool that are widely used in a variety of fields but in this instance they are very small so at to ensure that the 'points' made on the scalp mimic ( that of a hair follicle. The goal of the technician is to create the 'presence' of hair without it really being there but in a way so that no one can tell the difference. Since it is permanent ink, you can do whatever you need to do in your daily routine without worrying about it coming off or being affected in any manner. This is the advantage that SMP has over sprays and has almost no recovery time which is the downside to many of the other procedures.

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