Inman Park Realty Announces Management Team

April 06, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 6, 2016 - Atlanta, GA, Wynd Realty is pleased to announce the new management team selected to run Inman Park Realty. Andrew Doyle, President, will head up the operation run by Director of Sales and Marketing; Todd Branyord. Both men bring a wealth of professional experience that positions them perfectly for the unique challenges ahead.

Andrew Doyle was one of Atlanta's first agents to realize the benefits of self-branding when we founded the highly successful ATLCondoDeals brand. ( Andrew is an Accredited Real Estate Investor with properties throughout Atlanta and beyond. With over 25 million dollars transacted since 2010, he has quickly become the go-to name for those who seek an informed analytical professional within the Atlanta market. "The Real Estate market is increasingly a product of localization and dealing with a Brokerage highly specialized, with ties to the community is essential for anyone seeking to prosper in such an ecosystem" said Doyle.

Todd Branyord is a relative newcomer to Atlanta from Seattle. A native of Washington, Todd worked with Verizon Wireless building a successful sales management career while gaining extensive experience in both account and project management. In 2012, Verizon brought Todd to Alpharetta where he was responsible for creating and launching new sales initiatives across a 6 state region. "Todd hasn't been licensed long, but is off to an incredibly fast start, in large part, to his corporate background. I love the fresh set of eyes", said Jeff Bergstrom, Broker of IPR's sponsor Wynd Realty.

Inman Park Realty is unique insofar as a set portion of all its Inman Park sales are put aside to be donated to the local Inman Park Homeowner Association. (IPHA) Branding is changing how professionals view transactions. "Instead of an agent paying a national franchise for their brand, we prefer to pay that money back to the Community responsible for the brand" added Doyle.

The industry stands at a generational crossroad. With so many veteran agents from the franchise era retiring or lagging in terms of technology, today's more technically-aware agents have opportunities like never before. Inman Park is a classic example. Agents have been working the Inman neighborhood for years, yet not a single agent ever thought to secure a social platform reflecting the neighborhood brand. Buyers, particularly those looking at competitive in-town markets, are speaking in and want to be spoken to in a language that many traditional agents are not familiar with.

"Atlanta is the 9th largest metro area in the United States. Inman Park is one of its more valuable realty brands. The fact that Wynd Realty, or ANY licensed sales agent, could so easily secure such a valuable brand speaks to the large generational issue the industry is facing; especially in terms of communications", said Jeff Bergstrom, Broker of Wynd Realty.

Wynd Realty, founded in 2008, is the only Brokerage in the Atlanta real estate market that offers agents a branding product extending DBA, (Doing Business As) status. Any licensed agent of Wynd Realty can start their own realty DBA. Inman Park Realty is another DBA of Wynd Realty LLC.

For additional information contact:
Todd Branyord: 253-318-5219
Andrew Doyle: 917-331-0949

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