Premium Brass Launches New Brass Tarnish Protector and Inhibitor

April 14, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
April 14, 2016 - Premium Brass specializes in cleaning and recycling once-fired brass casings for pistols and rifles and transforming the used product into "as good as new brass". What started out as a passion has turned into a company that sells and buys brass, and now has its own product to replace brass factory protection that is removed during the polishing process.

"We are thrilled to announce the availability of our new product which can be used for brass that has been polished by various types of processes", says owner and CEO of Premium Brass, Andrew Offrink. "Brass Tarnish Protector and Inhibitor is designed to protect your brass casings, but will also extend the life of your firearms by eliminating the chance of residue being left behind in your barrel after shooting. This product is a must for any ammo reloader and will keep your brass looking and performing as if it were brand new."

Premium Brass Tarnish Protector works on all polished brass, but is specially formulated for brass cases that have been polished with stainless media. When stainless media is applied to brass it removes the factory tarnish inhibitors, and strips the case down to raw brass; which tarnishes very quickly and easily. Premium Brass Tarnish Protector replaces the factory tarnish inhibitor by providing a barrier from oxygen that is only a few molecules thick. Premium Brass Tarnish Protector is specially designed to be grease-free, and will not leave residue in your gun after being fired. The new product is not slippery to the touch, will not leave water spots, and will cut case drying time in half.

"If you reload your own ammunition or keep it stored for an extended period of time, this product is perfect for you. After being tumble cleaned with stainless steel media, brass tarnishes in a matter of days, even when kept in a climate controlled room or house. Premium Brass Tarnish Protector and inhibitor will keep your ammunition looking and performing as if it was brand new," stated Andrew Offrink.

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