Autonomous Vehicles Need a Leap of Faith Says Shop Insurance Canada

April 22, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 22, 2016 Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon, with the first driverless cars expected to be launched to consumers as early as 2017. However, recent studies have shown Canadians are still wary of the technology, while industry experts have voiced their own concerns. Shop Insurance Canada says that the disconnect that driverless vehicles bring will be a large step for drivers to take and the technology will only be adopted if car owners change the way they see the automobile:

"As much as cars are a source to get from point A to point B, they are also an experience which are enjoyed by many. In other words, people enjoy driving their cars and some will not want to relinquish control even if they trust autonomous tech. As self-driving technology becomes the chief mode of transport over the next three decades, car owners must increasingly see the vehicle as merely a point A to point B vessel"

This leap of faith will only come once the technology has been proven beyond doubt, but consumer faith in autonomy will be severely tested with every setback. A recent survey by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) showed that 63% of Canadians are worried about the rise of self-driving vehicles. The study showed that Canadians are worried about such factors as feeling safe while in the vehicle and who will take responsibility in an accident.

It is widely thought that insurance companies would work with manufacturers, who would claim liability, but this grey area needs to be cleared up to ease consumer concerns. The CAA study did show that 53% of Canadians are willing to at least try driverless vehicles and see long term benefits in the technology, such as its potential to reduce accident rates.

Full autonomy is not expected to arrive until at least 2025, but some companies (most notably Google) are pushing regulators to allow its vehicles to be available without steering wheels. Shop Insurance Canada says this will require a leap of faith from drivers who are used to controlling their own vehicles and even enjoy the experience.

"Autonomous technology has been compared closely to ride-sharing services such as Uber. Both are disruptive technologies, but self-driving cars are more of a departure from what consumers are used to. Getting them to believe in the technology could take a long time.

Every accident that a driverless vehicle is involved in will result in calls for regulatory reviews and public debates about whether our roads are ready for machines, even if they are safer."

Shop Insurance Canada, a leading online auto insurance industry expert, recently urged the insurance industry to start adapting now for the rise in autonomous technology.

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