The Adventure Park at Frankenmuth Opens 2016 Season on April 29 with New Online Reservations Plus FrankenZip™ Zip-Line Ride

April 27, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
April 27, 2016 - The Adventure Park at Frankenmuth, located at 1375 Weiss Street in Frankenmuth, Michigan, will open for its 2016 season of zip line and climbing fun on April 29 with two completely new features: 1) Online reservations and 2) A totally new zip-line ride called, FrankenZip™ designed for those just seeking a quick zip line experience lasting an hour or less.

New Online Reservations - Starting this season, reservations may be easily made 24-hours-a-day at the park's website where the reservations link is plainly marked in bright orange. After clicking on it the visitor will see a grid showing available activities at the park with times to select. From there it's a simple click-through process. After making a reservation the customer receives a confirmation email and everything will be ready when they arrive at the park: their reserved starting time, their reserved safety harness and climbing instruction and their reserved adventure in the treetops.

New FrankenZip™ Zip Line Experience - For those with limited time who just want a zip line ride and wish to forego the other climbing challenges The Adventure Park offers, the new FrankenZip™ will be just the thing. Consisting of a series of six zip lines totaling 850 feet of "Yippee!" that can be enjoyed in less than an hour.

"The public has been asking for all this and we listened," said John Hines, Adventure Park Partner, "We want the same thing our customers want: to get them into their treetop fun when they want it, as quickly and smoothly as possible. And, for those who simply want to add a quick zip to their visit to Frankenmuth, FrankenZip™ will allow them time for fun in the trees as well as the other great things to do in town."

Otherwise The Adventure Park will continue to offer its regular special combination experience of zip lines mixed with challenge bridges between the trees that keeps people coming back for more. The park's friendly staff is available to answer questions and assist from the moment customers arrive to the moment they conclude their climb and return home with satisfied "I did it!" smiles.

What The Adventure Park Is - The Adventure Park is not one single aerial treetop trail but a variety of different, color-coded trails of differing challenge levels—beginner through expert—that climbers choose from depending on their age or climbing experience. These aerial trails consist of platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood and rope to form "crossings" of different kinds including the ever-popular zip lines. Climbers wear harnesses which are doubly secured to safety cables using the Park's "always locked on" system of interlocking safety clips. Before venturing onto the trails climbers receive an interactive orientation and practice session.

The new FrankenZip™ ride at The Adventure Park is a shorter-duration experience consisting of mostly zip lines and designed for those busy visitors to Frankenmuth who want to be able to combine a quick zip in the trees with the other things on their schedule in town. The FrankenZip™ experience can usually be enjoyed within an hour or less.

The Adventure Park at Frankenmuth is designed, built and operated by Outdoor Ventures. For hours and prices click here. For further details and updates please visit, email or call (248) 429-7177.

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