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April 29, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 29, 2016 - of Danbury, CT and Miami, FL is seeking top notch agents with a strong and loyal customer base and entrepreneurial spirit, looking to capitalize on larger commissions based on a unique commission program. Prospective agents must have a minimum of 1 years' experience in the transportation industry. At FreightRun we're interested in quality over quantity.

FreightRun's proprietary web-based software (TMS) offers an agent the ability to create customer accounts, apply margins and markups, as well as monitor their book of business from an easy to use portal. Agents can control which carriers display to their clients, send marketing material, and perform other functions that most 3PLs do not allow an agent office to manage. We feel that offering top level software to an agent and giving them full control of their business, while maintaining the operations and billing, are keys to a successful program.

There is never a startup fee, franchise fee or maintenance cost to the agent office!

FreightRun offers a unique commission structure for LTL based on a COST PLUS MODEL that is calculated on the cost of the freight, rather than a split on profit, that is the usual LTL agent model. This means the agent can charge as much as he can and the upside markup goes to the agent! This system rewards agents who achieve good margins and volume! The agent is freed to focus on sales while we take care of LTL operations and finance. Similarly, for full truckload and international, we offer a 75/25 split on agent managed shipments so again, FreightRun allows the agent to make the lion's share of the profits - 75% in fact!

Our philosophy is simple: give our freight agents full control over their business and provide exceptional software to perform their daily duties. Clients can access our TMS system from any device which is a productivity multiplier for the agent. We provide our agents opportunities for revenue growth by offering other areas of specialty to sell, such as international, airfreight, and flatbed FTL. FreightRun will stay out of the agent's sales operations, but will be there to provide support for any aspect that will help them grow their business. With weekly commission payments, strong carrier pricing and robust, intuitive web-based software, we feel this is the best solution for any freight broker or agent to make the most profit and have a solid operations team.

Reach out to FreightRun's Agent Program Director for more information: or visit FreightRun Agent Program

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