Prosper's Political Changer Score Identifies Voters Unhappy with Government, Excited for Election and Looking for Change

May 03, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
May 3, 2016 - Voters are rejecting the old traditional party ideology which has been illustrated in a hotly contested presidential primary and will likely carry over to the presidential election. It is important for campaign marketers to recognize that these same feelings are going to translate to state and local campaigns. Prosper Insights & Analytics developed the Political Changer Score to provide better insights on the degree that various voter groups are: 1. not happy with the government, 2. are excited for the election and 3. prefer a non-politician candidate.

This composite score, when integrated with media consumption and influence, helps campaign marketers understand how passionate voters are in order to target based on their hearts and minds, not just past voting behavior. It also helps identify voters who are departing from old traditional ideology of party politics which runs across party identifications. Campaigns can now use this score as criterion in addition to the standard voter profiles, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, to improve their messaging.

Overall, voters have a Political Changer Score of 143.2, in line with Independents' score of 144.2. Republicans score much higher (174.9) and Democrats are much lower (106.3). Causing this difference down the aisle is a Republican group that is much more inclined to prefer a non-politician (64.2%) than Democrats (24.8%).

Men tend to have higher Political Changer Scores across party lines. Higher scores are also attributed to voters 55+ among Republicans and Independents.

Prosper's analysis also took a look at the "Political Changer" to better understand how this voter group is feeling and what may be contributing to their unhappiness. Political Changers are more likely to be men who are married and retired. 79.9% have little-to-no confidence in the economy and 39.2% expect more layoffs over the next six months. 2 in 5 have a healthcare plan through the government, and from what they heard about the Affordable Care Act 72.6% would not be likely at all to recommend it to a friend.

Prosper has compiled these emotional components and additional essential insights on how Republicans, Democrats, and Independents think and consumer media at Prosper Political Mindset InsightCenter. Complimentary registration is required.

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