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May 05, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
May 5, 2016 - A Scalp Micropigmentation procedure can be a fantastic treatment for Men who are balding or bald, however, want the look of having a shaved head of hair on their head. It is amazing what confidence can come out of being able to show off a clean buzzcut or shaved hair look. Men have been battling baldness since the beginning of time - most likely - but in todays day and age where looks are a large part of our social being, the hair loss industry is booming with tips, tricks, products and procedure to either hide the baldness or try to regrow hair. Unfortunately, a lot of these are just money grabs with little or no results to show. Studies suggest that Men and Women spend millions and millions of dollars a year on hair transplants which yield a low success rate and fibers and powders that succeed in making a mess in the bathroom and pillows, not to mention the social awkwardness of people not being able to go in water or in the rain for fear of the powder or fiber leaking down ones head. Now, there is a more permanent solution to baldness and the answer and possible cure to being bald is Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP.

SMP utilises the same techniques as classical body tattoo in that we use a needle, ink and a tattoo gun, however, the needles, the placement of the ink, and the ink itself is much, much different than classic tattoo methods. Getting a hair tattoo or scalp tattoo involves a certified SMP Artist to place the ink using the smallest needle in the industry to produce a simulated hair follicle in the lower epidermis of the skin. It takes an experienced SMP Artist, like Tino Barbone at the Scalp Micropigmentation Center of Toronto, to ensure that the ink is placed in the correct depth, if not, disastrous results can occur - such as blow outs (large dots) or migration (movement of the ink). "I've seen the results of bad SMP treatments from other competitors, and I've had to direct these clients to a laser technician to have the large dots removed…we've also seen client that have had multiple treatments at these same clinics, but with little or no results" says Tino Barbone, CEO and Owner/Operator at SMC, "it's a shame that technicians are charging full price for these treatments, yet have little or no experience in the industry, and giving this industry a bad name because of the bad results they are achieving".

Scalp Micropigmentation is not only used for Men who are bald or balding to have the shaved head of hair look or buzzcut, it is also used for Men and Women who are concerned with thinning hair. Some men have thin or thinning hair naturally, or as a result of a hair transplant that did not yield good results. Many men and women currently use products such as Toppik or Dermatch in order to cover the scalp with a powder or fiber that basically blacks (or browns) out the scalp so it looks like you have a fuller head of hair. As mentioned above, these powders are temporary, messy and cannot be worn in the rain or to go swimming. SMP achieves the same results as these temporary powders, however, SMP is a more permanent solution that can last years.

If you are thinking of having an SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment, ensure to go to a provider that has a minimum of one year of experience in the industry, specifically with SMP and SMP HD or Hair Density Treatments. Ask the provider where they received training, how many hours of training, and how much practical experience they received. If they are like Tino Barbone and SMC, your provider should be attending multiple conferences and seminars yearly in order to stay up to date with technology and techniques in the SMP Industry. Most of all be weary of fake before and after pictures and recycled before and after SMP pictures. Larger companies that franchise often allow the franchisee to use their pictures and videos on their website and in their offices in order to show clients the results that can be achieved after having an SMP or SMP HD treatment, however, it's not necessarily the results obtained by that practitioner or SMP Artist. Ensure that you see the SMP Artist in the pictures or video in some form or fashion. Lastly, if you are still unsure, ask for client referrals or ask to see a client live. Tino Barbone at SMC always tries to book a consultation with new clients during a similar treatment that is being conducted that day in order to show new clients the results. Tino Barbone at The Scalp Micropigmentation Center is booked months in advance, so be weary if the SMP Artist or company wants to book you in the same day, or asks for your deposit asap.

If you are uncertain about your treatment provider, you are welcome to visit Tino Barbone at the Scalp Micropigmentation Center of Toronto for a FREE consultation by calling 647-967-7546, or by emailing SMC at

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