Earn Rewards for Exercising with the Updown Fitness App Version 2.0 – Now Available in the App Store and on Google Play

May 09, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
May 9, 2016 - Updown Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce the release of Updown Fitness Version 2.0, a major update to their highly rated workout app. Updown Fitness uses a database of over 1,500 exercises to create personalized, customizable workouts that are uniquely tailored to assist the user in reaching his or her fitness goals. Updown helps individuals exercise anywhere and anytime, no matter the experience level. The app is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play and now includes an optional paid subscription to Updown Plus a premium version of the application. The newly released Updown Plus provides access to rewards for exercising and also includes enhanced app functionality.

Updown Fitness transforms a user's phone into a personal trainer without the personal trainer price. Users begin the workout generation by choosing from five different workout types: cardio, strength, core, cross, and stretch. Alternatively, a user can create a custom workout from scratch. Once a workout type is selected, users select their current location, desired workout time, and level of intensity.

The app uses this information to instantly produce a workout that the user can then perform by following along with the in-app timers and exercise animation cues. Updown records all workout data and makes it searchable by users so they can easily view progress down to a specific exercise. Updown's unique, proprietary algorithm uses the past recorded data when creating new workouts. Parameters such as reps and weights are adjusted to the users' strength levels and will gradually become more challenging so that the user will never hit a plateau. Conversely, if a user hasn't worked out in a while, Updown can automatically adjust to make workouts easier. In this way, the app learns from users and progresses along with them, just like a real personal trainer would. This ability to grow with the user creates a lasting and personalized experience that helps users reach their long-term health and fitness goals.

Developed with the belief that fitness is more fun with friends, Updown lets users easily share workouts with friends and also allows users to share their results on Facebook. The app also keeps users on track with a point system. Individuals earn points for doing workouts and stay motivated by striving to improve their own score or by competing with their friends. A user can also define a weekly point goal, and hitting this goal rewards the user with bonus points. The goal-based system is effective at keeping users engaged long-term, which is a big challenge for fitness apps.

New to Version 2.0, Updown Plus expands on the Updown Fitness experience by adding the ability for the user to earn tokens for exercising. Users can spend these tokens right in the app on a wide range of gift card options. Updown plans to continue adding to the menu of rewards available and is partnering with groups in the health and fitness industry in order to create a large fitness marketplace.

With the release of Version 2.0, Updown has also started partnering with gyms around the country to make Updown Plus available to gym members at a discounted rate. There are several gym-specific perks as well. For example, users can see other members of their gym on a point leaderboard, find class schedules right within the app, and receive access to additional workouts designed by personal trainers at their gym. For gym-goers who are inexperienced with exercise, Updown will boost their confidence by creating a personalized workout that utilizes the available equipment at the gym. Even frequent gym-goers will discover new exercises and workouts with Updown Fitness.

"Our goal is to build a fitness application that provides a personalized user experience and makes exercise as easy and as fun as possible," explained Chris Freise, CEO for Madison-based Updown Technologies, Inc. "Updown Plus is a major step for us towards achieving this goal. The rewards that users can now earn are a fun and tangible way to stay motivated and engaged in the Updown workout program. And by partnering with gyms, we're integrating our application into the fitness big picture, which is something we are going to be doing a lot more of in the near future."

Updown Fitness 2.0 is free to download and available worldwide through the App Store and through Google Play in the Health & Fitness category. Updown Plus is available for a two-week free trial and then requires a monthly $10 payment. Members of the press may find additional information at www.updowntech.com and may contact mfreise@updowntech.com for any inquiries.

About Updown Technologies, Inc.:
Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Updown Technologies aspires to make the world more active. The Updown team understands the competing tasks that vie for individuals' attention every day, and they want to keep their users motivated by making exercise fun, simple, and rewarding. United by their common passion for health, the Updown team also aims to build a community of users who encourage each other to achieve their personal fitness goals. The company recently raised $100,000 in additional seed money to bring Updown Plus to market and is now raising another round of investments to facilitate expansion of business partnerships and app distribution channels.

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