A New Outdoor Advertising Company Grabs Attention and Market Share in Southern California

January 24, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Whittier, California. A new outdoor advertising and event promotion company announced its presence in a big way during the recent Newport Harbor Boat Parade held this past holiday season in Newport Beach, California. The announcement came in the form of a 20 foot tall inflatable Santa Claus cruising the harbor atop a multi-million dollar yacht during the run of the parade. The company responsible for putting him there was Made-U-Look Promotions of Whittier, California.

Made-U Look Promotions is a rental company specializing in outdoor inflatable advertising balloons, searchlights, inflatable dancers and many other attention-getting promotional products. From its central location in the San Gabriel Valley, Made-U-Look Promotions services all of Southern California with outdoor advertising and event promotions.

Brandon M. Reeves, President and Founder of Made-U-Look Promotions, has parlayed his previous experience in the outdoor advertising industry to identify an overlooked niche in the outdoor advertising marketplace. He formulated a solution to satisfy these market needs by providing a means for advertising rentals, offering high quality products and competitive pricing, and making these products available to customers who could not previously justify the high cost of purchasing outdoor advertising tools.

Made-U-Look Promotions opened its doors for business this past summer, with Brandon and his wife Jennifer Reeves leveraging their personal holdings to take advantage of this business opportunity. Jennifer serves as the company’s Vice President of Operations, and handles all daily administrative activities. They also partnered with Matthew Barden, whom Brandon had previously worked several years with in the outdoor advertising industry. Matthew serves as the company’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing and oversees the company’s business development needs.

The business plan of Made-U-Look Promotions is based on helping clients optimize their promotional dollars by increasing their visibility and bringing more customers to their doorstep. Brandon explains the logic behind renting versus purchasing an outdoor advertising balloon: “If you spend your promotional dollars on purchasing a 25 foot tall gorilla, you are forced to build your promotional messages around this advertising balloon all year long. However, with our advertising rental programs, you can rent a 16 foot tall duck one weekend, and a Stars & Stripes hot air balloon the next! We offer our clients the flexibility to keep their promotional landscape fresh without the huge investment required by purchases. Additionally, all of our rental pricing includes product set-up, take-down, maintenance and storage. All of this saves our clients from the upfront investment, time and hassles of ownership!” Made-U-Look Promotions works with each client’s advertising budget and marketing calendar to effectively plan the roll-out of a diverse outdoor advertising campaign.

Matthew states, “If you have a retail outlet that is fighting for attention due to over-saturation of local advertising messages, you have to go over-the-top BIG to have stopping power. Made-U-Look Promotions offers just that. Our clients enjoy all the benefits of ownership, without any of the inherent liabilities. My goal is for our clients to consider us their primary resource and partner for their promotional needs instead of just another advertising balloon vendor”.

The principles of Made-U-Look Promotions firmly believe that to be successful they first need to build strong relationships with their clients. They strongly encourage feedback regarding the company’s customer service. They feel that actively seeking feedback from clients is a valuable tool in refining their service model and ensures that every customer receives outstanding service.

By going beyond the typical users of large scale outdoor advertising products, Made-U-Look Promotions is bringing its advertising rental programs to businesses, institutions and organizations that have traditionally had to forgo the use of such items due to the limiting factors of cost and usage restrictions. Made-U-Look Promotions sees the potential usage of its products for every storefront and event in Southern California.

Made-U-Look Promotions is keeping a keen eye on the factors of taste, professionalism, and appropriateness, while maintaining the fun and light-hearted nature their products are known for. Like their line of outdoor advertising products, Made-U-Look Promotions will be very hard to ignore in the Southern California advertising market. Look for their products to show up at a business or event near you.