Innovative Water Filter Reaches Goal on Kickstarter in Only 72 Hours

June 03, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
June 3, 2016 - You may be wondering why anyone needs another water filter. There are countless filters on the market of all different types and sizes. But it seems Renovo Water, maker of MUV Adaptable Water Filter, has something no one else does. Renovo Water released their MUV water filter on Kickstarter on Tuesday, May 24th and reached their $30,000 goal in only 72 hours.

MUV checks off a lot of pain points for many people with its unique design that allows the user to control how the filter is used. With its adaptable design, MUV can be used in a water bottle, in-line with a hydration reservoir, as a gravity filter, as a straw, and used with a pump. Now you don't need to buy a separate filter for each of these different uses.

"Adaptable is the best way to describe the MUV filter. It is the first and only filter to adapt to both your activity or lifestyle and the water source you are filtering. Having worked in the outdoor industry and after years of doing everything from hiking and canyoneering to car camping, I realized there was a spot in the filter market that wasn't being addressed," says Renovo Water's President, Daniel Beck.

Not only does MUV address the varying needs of its users, it also gives the user full spectrum filtration from chemicals, bacteria, and even viruses. This is something no other single filter is able to do. MUV blocks and/or removes all of the following from your drinking water:

Heavy Metals - Iron and lead
Chemicals - Chlorine, arsenic, fertilizers, pesticides, diesel fuel, and more
Microbiology/Bacteria - Giardia, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Protozoan Cysts
Viruses - Hepatitis A, Polio, Typhoid, enteroviruses, and more
Sediment Removes bad taste and dirty color from water

With MUV reaching its funding goal so quickly, it is obvious that there are a lot of people who believe that Renovo Water is onto something pretty big. You can learn more about MUV's innovative, adaptable water filter technology on their Kickstarter page:

Or on their website at:

Renovo Water: Based in Utah, Renovo Water's team is made up of outdoor adventurers experienced in drinking backcountry water. Unsatisfied with current water filters on the market, they spent three years developing, designing, and testing to create a water filter that meets the needs of every type of adventurer and stands the test of time to deliver clean, safe water with every use.

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