Practical DO-178C / ED-12C Training opportunity (June 30, 2016: London / UK)

June 06, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
June 6, 2016 - Rapita Systems, the leading provider of real-time verification solutions for aerospace and automotive embedded systems and ConsuNova, a leading global provider of DO-178C training, certification and compliance solutions, will host a one-day event in London.

This colloquium will help organizations understand and prepare for new processes and development activities needed to satisfy DO-178C. This event will address targeted DO-178C topics and efficiently deliver industry best practices.

Attendees will receive:

  • Understanding of DO-178C / ED-12C from a "How To" and "Why" perspective along with the following:
  • FREE PSAC & PHAC templates available
  • FREE Access to adviceGEAR Library
  • adviceGEAR includes whitepapers, checklists, process templates, FAA CAST Papers and more
  • DO-178C & its' relationship to ARP-4754A / 4761
  • Industry best practices: from planning, to requirements, verification and passing CERT audits

  • 20% early-bird discount ends 16th June 2016. Seating is limited, Register >>

    A "practical" engineering perspective is the driving force - for those new to DO-178C, it is the best one-day, classroom understanding you will find, and for those more experienced, it delivers a quick hitting review while expanding on new technologies. This event will deliver focused results a clear understanding of DO-178C, the implications and time-saving industry best practices.

    DO-178C Topics covered:
  • DO-178C Introduction and Relationship to ARP-4754A / ARP-4761
  • DO-178C Planning (Certification & Integral Pitfalls)
  • Requirements (System, High & Low)
  • In-class Examples & Traceability Issues
  • Optimizing code for your target platform
  • DO-178C Verification Plan (SVP) Practices
  • Requirement Based Testing
  • Efficiently addressing code coverage requirements
  • Understanding DO-178C Audits

  • 20% early-bird discount ends 16th June 2016. Seating is limited, Register Here>>

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