New Ontario Bill Could Save Lives and Reduce Auto Insurance Premiums

June 07, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
June 7, 2016 - Shop Insurance Canada ( says that a potential change to the law could help reduce accident rates and low insurance premiums in Ontario. However, while consumers and insurance companies should be enthused, Bill 192 needs to be tested to see if it offers the merits it proposes.

A private member bill proposal would give the Ontarian government the power to create regulations to mandate manufacturers to include collision avoidance technology in all vehicles manufactured after 2020.

Collision avoidance systems such as cameras, lane departure warnings, and proximity sensors are gaining traction in the automotive industry. They could be a way to lower high auto insurance premiums in Ontario by offering less risk and reducing the numbers of accidents in the province. Alongside telematics, such technology is changing the way insurance companies think about risk and premiums.

Bill 192, the Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Keep our Roads Safer through the use of Intelligent Drive Technologies) has been put forward for a second reading. If it is passed into legislation it would give the liberal government the authority to enforce collision avoidance systems in vehicles. The bill also allows for quick response codes to be necessary, giving first response emergency teams access to technical information on the vehicle.

Bill 192 also aims to give the government more control over post-collision and accidents rescue technologies, making such systems mandatory. Shop Insurance Canada says the promise of Bill 192 is too great to pass up, even if any new legislation should be treated with caution.

"Bill 192 is unlikely to be the answer to all Ontario's automotive woes, but it could contribute to change in the province. Lethal collisions continue to rise and auto insurance premiums remain high despite recent effort to lower rate. Giving the government the power to mandate vehicle manufacturers into using collision avoidance systems could help to lower accidents and ultimately rates. However, the proposals should be tested through a trial period to see if they can deliver the kinds of reforms the Liberals hope."

Vehicle manufacturers who fail to comply with the new bill would be subject to fines and further action if they continue to introduce cars without collision avoidance technology.

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