LR Services, Inc. announces the launch of their website and newly acquired Learjet 28.

January 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
When it comes down to sealing a deal, busy executives appreciate the value of "face time". In this day and age, traveling to your customers by commercial aircraft isn’t always the most convenient, and many limits to the airlines’ routes and schedules abound. In addition, airport security measures can tack on untold hours to your already crowded itinerary, and in-flight time can add up too…especially if the commercial flight must make several other connections.

As an aircraft charter and management service with 30 years of experience, the destinations to which LR Services ( will fly are not determined by public popularity. In fact, our services reach about 40 percent more airports across the country than commercial airlines. As long as there’s an airport with a runway long enough to land on, LR Services will fly virtually anywhere the passenger needs to go.

Now, you can finally regain those lost hours - and expand your choice of destinations - by booking LR Services and our newly acquired Learjet 28.

The "Lear 28" is ideally suited for short business flights, thanks to its incredible performance. In fact, it still holds the world’s record for time-to-climb to 15,000 meters - just 12:26 minutes!

Test-piloted by former astronaut Neil Armstrong, this plane is #001 in a limited production run of fewer than 10 units. No other charter line can convey you in an aviation legend. Still, despite its awesome power, the Lear 28 is right at home on short runways.

What does this mean for our passengers? It means you can speed your way to your clients in big cities and small towns with equal ease. Let your competitors deal with long-runway limitations - with LR Services (, you’ll be flying well under their radar (and maybe meeting with some of their customers too!).

While convenience is a top priority, the comfort and protection of our passengers is unquestionably vital. Our upgrades to the Lear 28 include top-of-the-line avionics, for the utmost in navigation, safety and control. The newly redecorated cabin seats eight passengers comfortably.

The choice is clear. Don’t burn another second waiting around for airport clearance, or hoping the connecting flight is on schedule. Instead, turn to LR Services. (888-675-9650)