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June 21, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
June 21, 2016 - Who would have thought there would be such an explosion in the consumption of coffee around the world which shows no sign of slowing up. The Coffee was launched to promote the very best in coffee. It can be considered the official movement against bad coffee and aims to educate, inform and entertain people with coffee based articles and resources.

In the last few years we have seen a veritable coffee revolution under way. People demand a lot more from their coffee and tastes and options are approaching the complexity of fine wines. Experts are able to tell the area the coffee was grown from the taste.

Here is a simple primer which allows you to bluff your way through as a coffee expert.

The flavor of the coffee is a range of factors which Coffee Revolution ranks as follows
  • Bean origin and type
  • Grind coarseness and freshness
  • Coffee maker
  • Barista skill and timing the shot

  • Arabica beans are the favored variety, with lots of Arabica/Robusta blends on offer. Robusta tends to contain more caffeine but has a bitter note which some people dislike.

    Popular coffees available in most coffee shops in all countries

    The Americano legend has it, that the American GI's stationed in Italy didn't appreciate the strength of the espresso so asked for it to be diluted into a long drink with hot water and sometimes milk. So the Americano was born.

    Espresso a traditional short drink made by forcing hot water under pressure through ground coffee. Much variation in taste from sweet to sour can be enjoyed through different blends of bean, roasting durations and extraction times.

    Cappuccino and latte are milky variations on coffee where hot milk is added to an espresso shot. In the case of the cappuccino a topping of foamed milk is added and chocolate dust is added to the top. Incidentally the name is taken from the brown robes worn by the Capuchin monks.

    With the rise of the coffee shop ever more sophisticated drinks are added to the menu as rare regional variations are taken up and spread worldwide.

    New options catching on around the world include…
  • Revolute a strong morning coffee with microfoamed milk, an ideal morning starter made from a Lungo and Ristretto shot.
  • Flat white from Australia and new Zealand. A very small shot of sweet coffee called a Cortissimo or Ristretto has smooth micro foamed milk added and usually comes with a leaf design produced by clever milk pouring technique.
  • Cortado originating from Spain a strong very short coffee.

  • Many coffee shops are now offering flavored syrups ranging from hazelnut and cinnamon to popcorn and chocolate to offer more choice and variety.

    The Coffee was started to champion the cause of good coffee. A perfect blend and grind can be totally ruined when over or under extracted. By focusing attention on how to make good coffee site owner Waynne Smith says, "we aim to raise the quality and expectations of coffee producers and consumers around the world and track the latest trends in brewing and coffee consumption."

    Visit Coffee Revolution today and sign up or take the caffeine addiction test and see how you fare.

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