Combined Knowledge Announces Training+ for Office 365

June 13, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
June 13, 2016 - Combined Knowledge is a global education and support provider with over 13 years' experience in SharePoint and Office solutions, and is one of the most highly recognized education providers in the industry. Their aim is to provide organizations with the best end to end education and support solutions, suited to their individual environment and their needs. This is why Training+ was born. Driven by Steve Smith MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, Combined Knowledge's team of experts have developed content for Training+ that is built on years of training experience. Content development is always happening behind the scenes as Microsoft introduces updates to its Office 365 applications, ensuring users are always working from the most recent and relevant material.

Training+ is an on-demand training solution designed to educate users with an experienced and friendly trainer, through a collection of video modules. This permits users to learn from the comfort of their own desk, wherever that may be, at a time that suits their day-to-day job role.

'Why only train a small percentage of your organization when you can train everyone with Training+?' A just in time training solution, saving time and money by providing autonomous learning to all users in any organization direct from the desktop. Many companies just don't have the budget to train all of their users, which means some users don't get trained and aren't going to be as productive. Training+ allows everything that is learnt to be put into practice straight away. Users progress through each module, building on knowledge gained at each step, but can pick and choose a module or lesson to learn about something specific that is relevant at any time.

"Over the last 7 years we have been continuing our pursuit of total education and support with the ability to provide end to end education from classroom to on demand and through to support for your business on today's collaboration products. With the exciting release of the Training+ Azure App in Office 365 we take another new leap into providing more ways to provide your users that on demand education and support. What really excites me about Training+ is that we can add further content including bespoke custom built modules and then align that content only to your company so you can have tailored support and training delivered straight to your Office 365 users." Said Steve Smith, director of Combined Knowledge.

"In today's competitive business environment, productivity is a factor that many organizations need to master in order to stay ahead. The End Users' understanding and adoption of services like Office 365 can be key to boosting day-to-day productivity. Training+ for Office 365 helps End Users around the globe to achieve this by delivering the means to become skilled, confident and effective in the use of Office 365 services without leaving their workstation." Said <Microsoft spokesperson> for <product and/or business group> at Microsoft Corp.

Training+ is delivered using Microsoft Azure. This means Training+ is always streamed directly from the closest possible Microsoft datacenter, guaranteeing the highest possible video quality at all times. The Training+ app is accessible from the Office 365 App Launcher, so the best Office 365 training content is always to hand when you need it. This also allows Combined Knowledge to update the content of Training+ periodically in accordance with Microsoft's updates so that users are always accessing the latest training content.

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