TemplateMonster has changed its logo and restructured its business

June 15, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Brooklyn, N.Y. TemplateMonster is proud to announce a number of changes to its branding, website, and business model. This includes a new logo and a couple of new features added to the company's e-store. More importantly, TemplateMonster will launch an invite-based online marketplace for web designers and developers.

According to the founders of TemplateMonster, the new logo will show customers and the Web community that the company is undergoing radical changes. To make sure these changes will prove effective, the company's department of research and development has been tinkering with its website for over six months. The key elements of the company's renewed aesthetics (as well as the code behind them) constitute a unified design system called QUARK.

«The market of web solutions has become as dynamic and changeable as ever. In the early 2000s, we had about 7 small competitors, and now there are about 700 of them. To survive in this market, we need to change and adapt. In a way, this implies radical changes and an aggressive strategy. That's why we've decided that the old logo with a cheerful monster does not fit with the current realities anymore, and we've made it more adventurous. We have created more than 100 concepts during the process», said David Braun, CEO and co-founder at TemplateMonster.

The new logo is just one of the many changes found on the company's website, templatemonster.com. The customer journey and the overall UX have been streamlined greatly thanks to the improved and simplified ordering process. This change alone resulted in an 11,5% increase in conversion rates.

The new function called Collections provides customers with another way of discovering the products offered by TemplateMonster. As of today, more than 20,000 customers have already used this feature.

Another new functionality called The Product of the Day automatically selects a few product items from popular categories every day, and sets a 3045% discount on them. This way, the company has systematised it's regular discounts making them easier to follow. Also, this has boosted the percentage of repeat visitors to the site leading to an increase in conversion rates.

The company has also replaced the "New products on top" sorting with "Bestsellers on top". This led to a 250% increase in conversion rates of the pages with the list of templates.

The key changes scheduled for the near future:
  • The company will adopt a marketplace model. At first, TemplateMonster will operate as an invite-only marketplace for designers and developers. Later, the company is expected to shift to an open marketplace model.
  • The company will introduce more features aimed to make its website more simple to use.
  • The new system of authorization, registration, and password recovery will launch soon.
  • The team behind TemplateMonster is working on the new and improved version of the User Cabinet with the necessary statistics, purchases and feedback.
  • The option to buy a template in one click is currently under development.

  • More details on the new changes introduced to the company's website and branding are available at design.templatemonster.com.

    About TemplateMonster:
    TemplateMonster is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ready-made templates for the development of websites of any complexity. As of today, the number of products in the company's catalog of templates and ready-made websites has exceeded 26,000 units. The company's templates work with a number of popular engines including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others. Their customers receive ongoing 24/7 support and maintenance from personal managers. For more information, please visit www.templatemonster.com.

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