Innovative New Lock Screen App, PIN Genie Locker - Screen Lock & Security, Now Available On Google Play

June 16, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
June 17, 2016 - PIN Genie announces the launch of PIN Genie Locker - Screen Lock & Security, a new free android app that delivers smart protection against PIN thefts, now available on Google Play.

There are many ways for a person to steal a smartphone PIN, which can lead to anything from embarrassment to much more serious problems. Fortunately, thanks to PIN Genie a powerful way to protect PIN numbers now exists, in the free Android app PIN Genie Locker - Screen Lock & security. The innovative new app protects against the many popular ways a PIN can be stolen.

"There's no shortage of horror stories coming from a PIN number being stolen and the thief using it to do terrible things either from using a person's smartphone or stealing things off of it," commented Lee Zheng, founder of PIN Genie. "Our team set out to find a solution to the problem, that was easy to use and effective. Our answer is PIN Genie Locker - Screen Lock & Security and we know it's going to blow away even high expectations."

According to the company, the free Android app uses a patented PIN Genie PIN Pad design, to make a personal identification number secure, with just four buttons. To further advance security, the app also shuffle's every entry. The app is peep proof against even the slickest wandering eyes and even delivers the option of locking the phone after three failed attempts making the phone useless to a thief. Additionally, failed attempts are documented, with an email alert letting an owner know if someone in their circle is trying to get in their smartphone when they are asleep or not paying attention

What makes the app truly unique is its ability to provide pop up alerts of intruders photos upon login. PIN Genie Locker - Screen Lock & security provides a notification bar allowing quick access to new messages and app notifications on the lock screen.

Michelle Chaput, from Boston, recently said, "PIN Genie delivered exactly what I was looking for. I had a jealous ex steal my PIN once and now I know I'm protected from that ever happening again. Fully recommended."

PIN Genie Locker - Screen Lock & security is now available for free on the Google Play Store.

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