Caredir® Announces The Release Of Their Revolutionary New Social App, Wiki1001

June 21, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
June 22, 2016 - Caredir® is excited to release their new app, Wiki1001, to help curious teenagers. The concept is simple but disruptive; Wiki1001 is an app specific for sexuality-based questions. This app is perfect for teens, adolescents, parents, adults, and anyone wanting to learn or refresh their mind. Some young adolescents who have questions they do not feel comfortable asking their parents or peers now have Wiki1001 to turn to.

Most young people (around 70%) said that they did not know enough when they first felt ready to have some sexual experience. The purpose of this app is to help answer the questions that some young adults have when entering into the stage of adulthood. There is strong evidence that young people who have good quality sex and relationship education that starts early are more likely to choose to have sex at an older age, to have fewer sexual partners and to use contraception. Wiki1001 offers over 1,000 answers and tips to questions about sexuality and adheres to a gamification concept. Users can create their questions without typing, in a way that empowers their access to information and supports their knowledge about what can be a confusing topic. Users can find readily available answers to tricky questions in about 15 seconds and may even challenge their friends.

The questions a teen has that he or she does not feel comfortable asking a parent or physician about could seem endless. Even the physicians spend an average of only 36 seconds talking about sex. This intimate knowledge and education should somehow be given in a way far from being tedious. There are nearly 90 percent of young people ages 13 to 24 that use the internet as their main source of sexual health information, to learn more about puberty, drugs, safe, sex, depression, and other issues (2015 UNICEF report). Today it seems everyone has a phone in their possession; mobile apps are an innovative and creative way to provide these young people with the tools to find the answers they need.

Some of the many topics covered in Wiki1001 include safe sex, birth control, bullying, assault, alcohol/ drug abuse, hype realities, STD prevention, appearance & wellness along with many more. CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new STD's occur every year in USA and with half among young people aged 1524. As in a recent study indicates, 55 to 90% of the sexual health sites consisted wrong or misleading information, Wiki1001 app provides the fastest reliable solution with no need for typing to find a search, and can be used offline.

Some additional features of this app include a free symptom checker, age & gender categorized health news, and hotlines. A spokesperson from Caredir® states, "The information on the app is based on a review of scientific research data, search tendencies of the youth, and clinical experience." This statement showcases Wiki1001 as an accurate and reliable source that provides professional and age-appropriate information to users.

Download the Wiki1001 app today for free in the App Store (iOS and Android), or visit their website for more information at

About Caredir®: was founded by two physicians with 30 years of experience, to combat the prevalence of dangerous unreliable medical and treatment information available to the public. All information that Caredir® provides to the community is evidence- based and up-to-date with the medical profession. Caredir® strives to not only educate the public but also do it in a way that is simple and accurate. Caredir® won 3 Stevie® Awards in 2015 and was the startup of the year along with the best new product or service of the year.

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