Combat Evil Monsters With Blade of Elemental, NewJoy Entertainment's Innovative New Gaming App Now Available in the iOS App Store

June 25, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
June 25, 2016 - NewJoy Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of Blade of Elemental, an action role-playing gaming app that enables users to battle monsters with a unique set of weapons and spells. This exciting new game is easy to start, but hard to put down, allowing gamers to hone in on their skills and achieve success. This game has great sense of attack, and unlimited number of random equipments. One of its most attractive elements is that with only one finger, you can cast up to 16 powerful spells to wreak havoc on the evil monsters.

Blade of Elemental was created with adventurous gamers in mind, providing challenging missions that increase in difficulty. With the touch of a finger, users are able to slash or crush monsters, advancing to a new task. Gamers are encouraged to get creative with their methods of destruction, making each successful monster slaying different from the next. This thrilling game is an enjoyable escape for all players and does not require wifi, making it available anytime.

A spokesperson for Blade of Elemental states, "This game is not about killing time, but rather about transporting players into this monstrous wonderland in which only they can deliver justice." He goes on to say that many users of the app have called it "the best game ever" and that they long for an update to keep the game longer. With its high praises, Blade of Elemental has become a top ARPG.

With its incredibly vivid design and vast capabilities, Blade of Elemental is a fantastic game for adventure-seekers. Blade of Elemental is available for download now in the iOS App Store. |

For more information, visit the App Store today!

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