Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification Program In Canada and USA

July 18, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
July 18, 2016 - Scalp Micropigmentation is also known by SMP, Scalp Tattoo, Hair Tattoo and Hair Follicle Simulation. Although the names may be different, the process of implanting thousands of pigmented hair follicles into the upper layers of the skin of the scalp remains the same. There are varying degrees of methods of implanting the pigment into the skin, and this variation is what can make an SMP Artist great, or mediocre.

The most important factors when determining which Scalp tattoo training course to attend is experience, equipment and results. If a student shops by price alone, then you get exactly what you pay for. The SMP, Tattoo and Permanent Makeup industry already know, and have seen the results of clients vying for the cheapest artist in the land, and the devastating, poor results that have been achieved.

What Equipment Do You Use and Supply Students With Your Scalp Tattoo Training Program?

The most import factors in training is ensuring that you are using the right equipment. We have paired up with Cheyenne, who are the best tattoo machine makers in the world. This rotary tattoo machine has been developed to be quiet, with very low vibrations, yet powerful enough to punch the small needles we use through the skin of the scalp. Our inks and needles are custom made for us, using the highest standards ingredients and materials. Since we provide you with the best equipment to complete any SMP treatment, the next step would be to provide you with the best Scalp Tattoo training in Canada and the USA so that you can take your equipment and what you have learned, and reproduce those results in your city, under your name.

What Makes The Scalp Micropigmentation Training Center One of the Best SMP Training Schools?

We feel that we are one of the best SMP training schools in the world because of our commitment to our students, our experience and knowledge in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation, and the fact that we have attended multiple training courses and seminars, and have been able to combine all this information into a course that is easy to follow, and simple to execute. Each student leaves the SMP training with all the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the treatment on their own.

What Does Your SMP Training Program Include?

We have an online component, where our students will study and review the basics of Skin and Scalp Micropigmentation. Students will also receive their Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate at this stage. There are various modules that the student must pass in order to move on to the next module, including submitting pictures of their work to our SMP Master for evaluation.

Once the student has completed the online portion of their SMP training, they are now permitted to attend the in-class portion of the SMP training program.

The in-class portion includes:

  • Consultations
  • Consent Forms
  • Pain Management
  • Review of Hair Loss Treatments
  • Workstation and Equipment
  • Tattoo Machine, Needles and Inks
  • Ink insertion, depth and placement.
  • Hair Line Build Out (From Natural to Hard Line)
  • Adding Density
  • Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Techniques
  • Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Density (SMP HD) Techniques
  • Practice, Practice and more Practice on Live Clients

  • Will You Be Adding Or Changing The SMP Training Course?

    Feedback is very important to us, from clients and students. We ask all of our clients and students for feedback after each course to see how we can improve our SMP training program. In 2016 the courses will remain as is, however, we are expecting big changes for the end of 2017…

    We will be introducing a two tier training program in 2017. One tier will be for the absolute beginner, with no background in permanent makeup or tattoo. This course is optional, and will be a longer course than what we currently offer. A certificate of attendance is granted after passing the online and in-class SMP training course, however, the student still must practice on their own for a minimum of 20 hours before being able to receive their SMP Artist Certificate. This SMP Training Course will be accredited, however, accreditation of the program takes time, as we have to wait for Government approvals, which can take 8-12 months to complete.

    Tier 2 will be an advanced course, running at a much faster pace for those students that have 1 year or more experience in Permanent Makeup or Tattoo. This course will focus more on SMP, SMP Hair Density and Scar Camouflage. Since we do not need to review the basics, we can focus on practicing the art of SMP on a variety of clients.

    How Much Does SMP Training at The Scalp Micropigmentation Center Cost?

    The cost of the program is currently $6000 plus the cost of the SMP KIT. However, we do not see this as an expense, we see this as an investment in your future. The SMP industry has not even come close to peaking. As more and more people realize that this treatment is an option for their hair loss concerns, interest will grow, and this industry will boom and flourish for years. The hair loss industry is a 3 Trillion dollar industry worldwide, every year. Thus, there is great interest in this treatment. When you shop around for an SMP Training course, please shop by profile, and not by price. Permanent makeup and tattoo artists already realize this fact, as they have seen the results of getting a "cheap" eyebrow tattoo or body tattoo. To be the best SMP Artist, you need to train with the best. You can view the results obtained by The Scalp Micropigmentation Training Center on their instagram page at

    The SMP KIT contains everything you need to complete up to 5 treatments, thus the kit pays for itself. The average cost of an SMP treatment is $3500, thus if you complete 5 treatments with the KIT, you will make approx. $17,500. Thus, the cost of your training and your kit is an investment, not an expense!

    Do You Train A Large Group Of Students At The Same Time?

    Our classes run twice a month, and we only train a maximum of 3 students per class. The reason why we only want 3 students at a time is because we want to make sure that all our students get to work on a scalp, and feel comfortable by the end of the training session to be able to complete a whole SMP treatment on their own. We have been a part of and seen SMP training programs that have 8-12 people, or more, in the classroom. Firstly, it is overcrowded. When you have too many people in a small room, there are bound to be issues and temperament. As well, because you have so many students at different levels, some will require more time and training then others, thus slowing down the whole class. Secondly, these SMP trainers will not provide 8-12 or more models for you to work on, and thus you will only work on a very small portion of a scalp, and you will leave that training program feeling ripped off, or not having enough experience and confidence to complete a treatment on your own.

    Because we only have a small class size of a maximum of 3 students, everyone gets a lot of practice time on a variety of SMP treatments. Everyone is given a chance to participate, practice and learn from one another. With a class size of 3, there are really no issues as our Master SMP Trainer ensures that our students stay on track, on topic and focused.

    Where Is The SMP Training Conducted?

    The in-class portion of the program is conducted at The Scalp Micropigmentation Training Center of Toronto, at Unit C401-1 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 3A1 in the heart of uptown Toronto. This is not only a training center, but it is also a working office with real clientele coming in and out of the office for SMP procedures. You will be working on live models and live clientele.

    Do You Travel And Train Students Abroad?

    Currently this option is reserved for hair loss and transplant clinics. We usually train 1-2 clinicians in the hair loss or hair transplant clinics in North America. If you are a hair loss clinic or hair transplant clinic, and you would like our SMP Master Artist to train your staff in Scalp Micropigmentation, please call us at 1-844-UR-SCALP(877-2257) or email us at

    In 2017, we will be revamping our program and possibly be traveling and teaching the Art of SMP across the globe, however, at this time, we would like to focus on all our students and franchisees.

    Can I Start My Own Scalp Micropigmentation Business After I Get Certified By SMC?

    Absolutely. That is exactly what we are wanting from all our students. You can either open up your own SMP clinic in your city, or you can join the SMC family and franchise with us. The franchise portion is a great way to get extra clientele while maintaining the high standards SMC sets for all its SMP Artists. This high standard is what clients expect every time they walk into any Scalp Micropigmentation Center across the nation. We are working with one of the largest Hair Loss and Transplant clinics in North America, so there is plenty of work to go around. We conduct all the advertising and send you clients, and there is no franchise fees. You can conduct advertising on your own as well to bring in even more clientele. We are there to support all our franchisees, and our goal is to become one of the biggest SMP clinic and training center in the world.

    When choosing your Scalp Tattoo Training Program, ensure that the school that is training you has the experience, the equipment and the results that can be proven and reproduced, before signing up for their course.

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