PIN Genie Vault - An Unbreakable Encryption Vault To Safeguard Your Sensitive Files, Now Available In The App Store

July 26, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
July 26, 2016 - PIN Genie Limited is proud to announce PIN Genie Vault, the #1 mobile app in the market to safeguard, encrypt, and share your private files. With just four bulletproof buttons, you can confidently secure personal files utilizing the vault's advanced PIN entry technology. Many mobile users worry about the privacy of their files within their devices, but fear no more. Backed by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and the patented PIN Pad, the app is an indispensable resource for those who value the preservation of private information and data.

The app is beautifully designed and boasts impeccable functionality, achieving exactly what it sets out to accomplish. First and foremost, PIN Genie Vault supports files of any format: photos, videos, important contacts, notes, and more. From this, it enables the user to encrypt existing files or easily create and secure new notes, contacts, and other files directly within the vault. The encryption feature also allows users to share private files by selecting a photo/ file, blurring it, and setting a specific PIN that only you and the receiver will know. Once the receiver gets your message, they will be able to unlock with the secret PIN.

Whether backed up in the cloud, or locally on a device, PIN Genie Vault facilitates the protection of personal documents on any iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. These revolutionary security features are due to the utilization of the AES 256 algorithm, a state of the art formula which unequivocally guards browser search history and keeps six digit pins impenetrable. Decoy passwords are particularly unique to PIN Genie Vault, as they allow users to make a fake password to give to family and friends that will grant them limited access to the phone, but will keep your private files completely hidden.

"We have heard thousands of tragic stories about PIN numbers being stolen and criminals abusing another's iPhone to do terrible things" commented a member of the PIN Genie Vault team. He continues to explain that "our mission is to solve this dilemma in an efficient manner, and we believe PIN Genie Vault accomplishes that and more."

This security application is so much more than a program that preserves your files and information from unwanted parties. Even delicate information sometimes needs to be shared, and PIN Genie Vault allows you to do so while maintaining its encrypted status to prevent unwanted exposure. This innovative sharing process is crucial for budding entrepreneurs, academics, or anyone with sensitive information stored in their device. Another cool new feature enables the user to take photos of others or themselves, but control anonymity by instantly pixelating the person's face. Understandably, this feature arose from popular demand.

Pin Genie Vault is now available on the App Store for free! For more information, visit the App Store today and safeguard your future!

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