Change The World With An Exciting New Philanthropy Platform: Solidarity App, Now Available On Google Play

August 01, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 1, 2016 - The revolutionary Solidarity App, a mobile application for Android, has partnered with top NGO and social impact organizations to launch the first free of cost socially driven micro-donation platform. The company hopes to diminish detrimental world issues, such as the ever growing refugee crises in developing countries, by integrating technological activism with civic duty in an entirely cost-free mobile platform. The widespread access of smartphones can become a crucial tool to elevate disadvantaged people and have resultantly forged this exciting new social improvement app to connect users with the cause of their choice.

Partnered with organizations and NGO such as Refugees Open Ware (ROW) and Manos Unidos, SOSdolphins and many others, letting the users choose and donate to many different causes. Solidarity App's campaign with ROW provides social, physical, and psychological support for refugees, while their campaign with Manos Unidos strives to end world hunger. Other partnerships aim to combat water shortages and animal cruelty, as well. Users of this app have the opportunity to directly contribute to these important causes from their phone.

"This new fundraising model uses technical innovation to address urgent yet age old problems. Traditional aid organizations are bureaucratic and slow moving and now we can apply efficient and scalable technology principles to the humanitarian sector," said Dave Levin, founder ROW. "Working with Solidarity App is a testament to the speed and efficiency at which the private sector can provide support for the refugee plight."

Solidarity App backs several NGOs and civic initiatives focused on helping refugees, the environment, animal rights and in disaster assistance. Solidarity App is available on Android app stores.

"We created a bridge between almost limitless advertising budgets and positive impact causes to support the current world crisis. The impact we create will depend on smartphone users' choices: the more downloads on the platform, the more the more donations we can make for these worthy causes" said Martin Morillo, CEO Solidarity App.

For more information or to register your humanitarian charity, visit:

About Solidarity App
Solidarity App is a technology-driven social startup whose objective is to accelerate positive social change by supporting and funding causes that are having a notable impact on society. In addition to its other services, the startup have created a new crowdfunding paradigm for social causes where the donor doesn't have to pay.

To further support charities around the globe, Solidarity App makes a donation every time a user downloads and tests a game or app from us. Similarly, ROW encourages you to discover its other campaigns which focus on helping refugees, cleaning the environment, defending animal rights or supporting a zone in disaster with health and medical support.

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