Just in Time for Back to School: uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Earns The Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement

August 02, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
August 2, 2016 - uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game has earned the Global Educator Institute (GEI) Seal of Endorsement[/url], placing it among the best teaching products available today.

GEI recognizes the very best in classroom-tested, teacher-approved learning products using a vigorous assessment process. Products bearing the GEI Seal of Endorsement have earned the distinction for improving learning and the learning environment.

"We are passionate about providing children with products that bring the joy of learning through play. It is an honor to receive GEI's Seal of Endorsement from teachers who rely on innovative tools that help students to achieve success," said Doreen Dotto, president of uKloo Kids Inc.

A GEI Seal of Endorsement is becoming one of the most recognized and prestigious awards in the educational market for establishing the benchmark of excellence in learning products. (see actual testimonials from reviewers below).

Products that earn the GEI Seal of Endorsement have been subjected to an in-depth rubric that evaluates effectiveness, durability, value, and ease of use. GEI Reviewers submit their qualitative and quantitative feedback for review and analysis by the GEI Executive Team, which determines whether or not the product is to be awarded a GEI Seal of Endorsement. The GEI Executive Team has more than 100 years combined teaching and administrative experience, and includes a PhD, numerous state certifications, and a nationally recognized educational consultant.

uKloo Early Reader is designed to meet the specific needs of beginning readers and reluctant readers. Known for it's commitment to literacy, uKloo Kids Inc. has a long-standing heritage for creating fun, engaging educational products that are effective to children of all abilities.

About uKloo Kids Inc.:
uKloo Kids, Inc. is a children's literacy game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2010 by Doreen Dotto, the firm's products have earned more than a twenty different prestigious awards. For further information about uKloo, visit the company website at http://ukloo.com/ and to interact with the company directly, see our social links on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. For uKloo product sales information contact, uKloo Kids, Inc., 416-407-2562, sayhello@ukloo.com, www.ukloo.com

GEI Classroom Reviewer Testimonials
Here are a few actual comments from the Global Educator Institute reviewers:
  • "uKloo is a great product; it helped the kids learn how to read in an active, collaborative, and exploratory environment. There was teamwork and active participation, which helped make reading together a lovely, positive experience for the kids." - Marie A., CA, GEI Reviewer and Teacher
  • "We played this game several times a week. My students had a lot of fun searching for items. We changed the game slightly by having the students move between clues in different ways (i.e. hop, skip, etc.) to incorporate a vigorous movement element." - Kimberly B., NC, GEI Reviewer and Teacher
  • "This was a very simple product to use and the kids loved playing it multiple times. uKloo is always changing due to the different cards and ways to switch it up. They also loved to see the different 'prizes' each day. I loved the look on their faces when they could recognize the words and 'read' to each other. This is a great product and can be used in any classroom!" - Angela S., MS, GEI Reviewer and Teacher
  • "I have already recommended this product or our pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms!" - Angela S., MS, GEI Reviewer and Teacher
  • "I think all teachers and parents would benefit from having this game." - Jennifer S., OK, GEI Reviewer and Teacher
  • "My students loved the treasure hunt. The instructions were clear and the game was easy to put to use. I actually enjoyed hiding the clues and seeing the enjoyment on my students face as they moved through each clue and finished the game. I appreciated that there are different levels included and felt that the more my students played the more they were able to read the clues. I also loved that they were having so much fun playing, and that they didn't even realize how much they were learning. The product is durable and easily store-able. I foresee using it many times in the future." - Jennifer S., OK, GEI Reviewer and Teacher
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