Shop Insurance Canada Welcomes Toronto Road Safety Plan Decision

August 10, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 10, 2016 - Toronto's ambitious $80 million Road Safety Plan will move ahead after it was given unanimous approval the city council. It will be the first ever road safety plan in Canada's largest and most populated city. Insurance industry authority, Shop Insurance Canada, says some global cities have even more aggressive plan, but Toronto's effort should be commended as a good place to start.

"New York, for example, has a more dynamic road safety plan," says Shop Insurance Canada. "However, after pushing for a similar plan in Toronto, consumers and driver safety groups now have something that can be considered a good start. It is good that the city is setting out an ambitious plan early, stating it wants to reduce road deaths to zero."

The plan will run over five years and is designed to reduce the number of traffic-related deaths in the Greater Toronto Area. Indeed, the council pushes it further and says the ultimate goal is to lower fatalities to zero.
The Ontario city has more drivers than any other in Canada, and also a very high road death rate. This year alone some 23 motorists, 22 pedestrians, and one cyclist have died on Toronto's roads. The city has been pushed to fight this problem for some time and the Road Safety Plan is the solution.

KSI collisions are those that result in victims either being killed or severely injured, it is hoped the road safety plan would help reduce KSI rates in the city by 20%.

"Achieving the 20% reduction in KSI collisions goal proposed by the RSP requires a fundamental shift from opportunistic delivery of programs to a more proactive, data-driven, strategic planning and implementation of proposed countermeasures," said general manager of transportation services, Stephen Buckley last month. Buckley has spearheaded the introduction of the Road Safety Plan.

One of the main differences of the plan will be a speed limit reduction in the downtown area of the city, while safety zones will be created at target intersections.

"The comprehensive nature of the plan entails the shared responsibility, involvement, and commitment of all road safety partner agencies in the City, consideration for all types of road users, identification of the City's key safety priorities, and the inclusion of a variety of engineering, education, and enforcement countermeasures," Buckley wrote.

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