Scientific Animations presents emerging understanding of Mechanism of Action of the Zika virus in the Human Body

August 24, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
August 24, 2016 - Amidst the fanfare around the potential impact of Zika Virus on the Rio Olympics, Scientific Animations, a Los Angeles based medical animations studio, has released a full-HD 3D animation - Zika - Mechanism of Action. The video describes how the Zika Virus affects the human body and its potential adverse effects on fetus in pregnant mothers.

The video summarizes major research breakthroughs around this enigmatic virus, predominantly transmitted through the saliva of Aedes aegypti when the mosquito probes for a vein in the human body.

In addition, the video touches upon other medical conditions, such as Microcephaly and Guillan-Barré Syndrome, linked to Zika. It depicts how Zika invades the nervous system of fetus inside the womb and builds a compelling link to Microcephaly in infants.

"Concerns over Zika are mounting at an exponential pace as close to millions of people going back after attending the Rio Olympics. In this situation, we felt our visuals could help a larger audience understand the complex emerging Biology behind the Zika Virus", said Girish Khera, MD Scientific Animations.

Of late, Scientific Animations has added another feather to its cap by bringing 360-degree immersive video, commonly known as Virtual Reality or VR, production into its array of services. Among other benefits, the technology could enable medical students and even practicing surgeons develop a more accurate mental map of a patient's condition before a procedure. They can simulate a 360-degree live view of inside a vein, a cell or other complex organ systems, and learn surgical processes based on that.

About Scientific Animations: Founded in 2004 by veteran Indian-American entrepreneurs Girish Khera and Ashish Khera, Scientific Animations is a full-service medical animation and integrated e-learning solutions company with a unique value proposition. Check out our services here:

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