Net Health Publishes New Infographic About the History of Electronic Medical Records

August 25, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
August 25, 2016 - Net Health, the leader is EMR software solutions for specialized outpatient care, has published a new infographic on their website describing the storied history of electronic medical records. The infographic highlights important dates and advances in EMR technology.

Many of us don't give EMRs the credit they deserve, viewing them as little more than a substitute for paper record keeping. However, EMRs have contributed greatly to the massive advances made in the documentation of healthcare today.

The first instances of EMR use can be traced back to the late 1960s with the implementation of Dr. Lawrence Weed's problem-oriented medical record. Widely considered a breakthrough in medical recording, Dr. Weed's problem-oriented medical record enabled a highly organized approach to the clinical documentation problems physicians dealt with on a daily basis.

By the late 1980s, low-cost PC's gave way to the widespread adoption of EMR technology in larger hospitals and medical facilities. Even though the new EMR technology didn't quite gain traction with smaller facilities and private practices, many practice management functions were slowly being transitioned to computers and electronic devices.

The 1990s would prove to be a big decade for the advancement of EMRs. Technology was becoming an important component to medical facilities, but the age of the internet led to large-scale change for the healthcare industry. The internet made accessing health information online easier than ever, setting the stage for web-based EMRs.

President Barack Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) marked a turning point for the use of EMR software in healthcare facilities. Under the terms of the act, healthcare facilities and providers could collect various incentives upon demonstration of "meaningful use" in their day-to-day practice.

Today, electronic medical records are making medical facilities increasingly paperless. However, 70 percent of physicians have reported a level of frustration with their current system. As time passes, EMRs are becoming increasingly specialized for different areas of medical specialty and various service environments, allowing medical teams to easily streamline workflows, improve data entry and increase doctor patient interaction.

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