Swimbait Craze Now in High gear with Tournament Anglers

January 30, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
The use of Swimbaits has now gotten into high gear for 2006, with more realistic baits being introduced into the fishing industry. MattLures baits from California are one of the hottest baits right now with big bass hunters looking for that state or world record bass.

The Mattlures Bluegill is the most realistic soft plastic bluegill swimbait available on the market today. Each lure is individually hand poured and painted to ensure quality, and accurately display the natural details found in live bluegill. This versatile lure can be fished at various speeds without compromising the action of the lure. Fished as a swimbait, these lures have a life-like, fleeing action that will trigger the natural predatory instincts of big trophy bass. These baits will also wake the surface at a moderate speed. But that’s not where it ends! Drop the bait down on the bottom and the bluegill will maintain a feeding position with little or no effort from the angler

Twitch the rod tip, and the lure “bounces” on the bottom; nose down, just like a bluegill eating bass eggs. As you can imagine this makes them MAD! The strikes are typically ferocious. Because of the way they “sit ” these bait can also be flipped and pitched like a jig. One of best techniques is to slowly swim them past ambush points. The possibilities are endless.

The Mattlures Bluegill is available in 4 life-like color patterns:

Male Bluegill
Female Bluegill
Red-Ear Sunfish

Each lure comes equipped with a 3/0 Mustad Ultra-Point Hook and an eye under the throat to rig a treble hook.

Technical Notes:
Size: 5 inches, Weight: 2oz
Sink rate: 2 ft per second
Optimum Retrieving Speeds: From slow roll
to just about as fast as you can make it go!

Minimum Recommended Line Test: 15-25 lb test.

Recommended Rod Specifications:

Due to the large size of bass this bait tends to catch I recommend a heavy rod made for fishing swimbaits. The 7’6" heavy big bait rod by Okuma is an excellent choice, however this is one swimbait that you can fish with a regular flipping stick, but don't let its small size fool you. Big bass eat Bluegill.

These are not the only baits available though. MattLures also makes a Baby Bass series and a Crappie that have accounted for many bass from Delaware to California that are true "TROPHY" largemouth bass, some over 19 pounds!

You can view all of the baits and read reviews on each product, as well as watch videos of many of todays top professional bass anglers catching giant bass on swimbaits at www.reeltimeanglers.com

Listen to upcoming radio interviews about these products with all the pro's on Anglers Radio each week as well at www.anglersradio.com