The Scalp Micropigmentation Training Center Provides Effective Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments for Men

August 31, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
August 31, 2016 - Apart from offering SMP treatments, it also provides SMP training programs to the enthusiasts who dream of establishing themselves as experts in this promising industry. SMC is the most advanced SMP training clinic in the world specializing in hair tattoo, scalp tattoo, SMP hair density and SMP Scalp Camouflage treatments.

SMP is a perfect solution that involves the use of micro needles to add color to the inner skin of the scalp that replicates hair follicles. This gives a 'buzz cut' or recently shaven look to the otherwise bald head. Men happily sport this fashion as it gives them a cover up for their bald heads in style, thereby, adding the extra zing to their personality. With SMC, people who are facing hair loss problems or want to be a part of this professional industry can get appropriate solutions for their problems.

SMP Scalp Hair Tattoo Training Programs

SMC provides unique hair loss solutions to men, and extensive training programs to aspiring professionals. People who seek a career in this industry can be assured of the quality of training and availability of high-end equipment offered by SMC for them to attain excellence. SMC does not hesitate in offering various training and certification programs to people who are interested in this field. They train novice and also welcome people with little knowledge about hair tattoo, scalp tattoo, SMP and other techniques. There are four SMP training programs presented by SMC and these are as follows:

The Online SMP Training Program- This is one of the best and most convenient training programs presented by the industry specialist, The Scalp Micropigmentation Center (SMC). The online training gives the candidates an option to learn all about SMP at their own space and convenience. It includes Blood Borne Pathogen Certification, Skin and Hair Loss Lessons, Quizzes and SMP practice modules. The Master SMP artist is authorized to assess tasks and confirm students for the next module. In some cases, if the Master feels that a candidate needs special attention then he would ask him or her to attend the class in person for understanding the intricacies of the program.

The Online SMP Training & Three Day Intensive SMP Training Program- It's a three-day course that makes certain of the capabilities of the candidates and shapes them better for the SMP techniques and their aftercare. The availability of the online classes makes this one of the popular training programs.

Three Day SMP Training Program- This is one of the most intricate and exclusive training programs at SMC which includes one-on-one training session with the candidates and the SMP artists. There are limited seats in this program which get filled in quickly on demand.

Group SMP Training Program- The completion of the online training SMP course is mandatory to be a part of this program. This includes training of 8 people per session. This program involves industry experts who give their inputs on SMP and many other hair related solutions.

SMP Treatment for Men

In today's world, it has been observed that 50% of men over the age of 50 go through hair loss problems; Androgenic Alopecia being a common one. Stress is one of the major reasons for hair loss or baldness in men. Statistics show that 70% of hair can be lost due to stress in men. Androgenic Alopecia develops when hair follicles reduce in size and take a lot of time to grow. This is the reason why some men tend to lose hair from one particular spot on the scalp while the rest of the part remains the same. Men look for solutions like surgical procedures, for example, hair transplants which are very costly and sometimes leave scars on the scalp. With SMP, a non-surgical treatment, men can be assured of getting the perfect solution in the most cost-effective way. The aftercare of SMP treatments is also not tasking and requires only a few touch-ups after five years from the treatment. Men who have less hair or are bald take refuge to SMP treatments which cover their bald heads in the most fashionable way.

SMC is the industry expert offering valuable training programs for the enthusiasts who are keen on taking this up as their profession. It also provides effective hair loss solutions for men and women who look for ways to cover their bald heads and regain their self-confidence.

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