Former Family Counselor Offers Help for Stress Caused by Financial Hardship

January 28, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Boise, Idaho — The reasons for financial problems are many, and the result is always high levels of stress, according to John Andersen, 41, who changed careers from family counseling to real estate investor.

Homeowners in a financial bind are turning to a former family counselor turned real estate investor for help to sell their house fast.

"Stress is a terrible thing, and people suffering from adversity need help fast from someone who understands their situation and has real solutions to help get things turned around fast," explained Andersen. He said his counseling experience enables him to help people in need in a way other investors cannot.

Anyone can suddenly face unexpected challenges that force them to find a fast way to sell their house. The most common problems are divorce, illness, unemployment, and too many debts with not enough income, according to Andersen.

"Whatever the form of adversity, many people find that they need help to sell their house fast. They may have only a few days to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy. The urgency involved requires an investor who knows exactly what to do when time is so critical," said Andersen.

For years Andersen has been counseling troubled teens and their families. During that time he became aware of the need that many people have when adversity strikes — to sell their home quickly. That experience caused him to look for meaningful ways to help families suffering from stress to sell their home and get a fresh start on life.

People who turn to Andersen for help say his perspective and compassionate approach, added to his real estate expertise, enable them to turn off the stress and find the quick solution they need to a very challenging problem.

"When someone has a financial challenge of this magnitude it is not only difficult to solve, it is difficult emotionally to deal with. I help families feel at ease and comfortable so we can get busy and get the problem solved," explained Andersen.

He started as a way to reach people who need help. His company provides creative real estate solutions to challenging problems, all the time maintaining the dignity and respect of the people who come to him.

"I buy houses from people in almost any area, condition or price range. I specialize in finding creative solutions to real estate problems that others won't touch. I handle all of the paperwork, make all the arrangements, and close within a few days if necessary," said Andersen.

He also helps people who cannot buy a home using traditional financing.

"I buy homes, renovate them as needed, and then use some creative methods to enable people to buy them, or perhaps lease with an option to buy later. In other words, rent to own. Every situation is different, so I stay flexible so I can design a program to meet the needs of the people who come to me for help," said Andersen.


John Andersen

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