SPI Lasers Explain the Versatility of Their Fiber Lasers Range

October 05, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Versatility is a product strength

October 5, 2016 - Buying a product which can undertake many tasks is often considered better than buying a product focused on one specific activity. Matt Wallis from SPI Lasers commented "With the fiber lasers range from SPI, versatility is a product strength, the lasers can be configured for many uses in conjunction with our product teams who can help customers to get the most out of a product purchase".

Potential uses for SPI fiber lasers - Listed below are eight potential uses for the SPI Lasers range of fiber lasers, there are more than eight uses but these provide an insight as to product possibilities:

1) Ablation
Ablation is the process of removing solid layers of material from objects. SP fiber lasers are perfect at performing ablation without causing damage to surrounding materials. Laser ablation is popularly used in thin film removal and also in the manufacture of LCDs, solar cells and plasma displays.

2) Additive Manufacturing
Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing involves the creation of a 3D printed object which is printed via the instructions of a 3D CAD drawing. The object is printed layer by layer in a process which is called "addition" and is a task perfectly suited to an SPI fiber laser.

3) Cleaning
SPI's fiber lasers can also be used to clean a variety of objects without making any physical contact. This is a popular application of a fiber laser for cleaning mould tools, removing dirt and grease, etc. Lasers bring environmental benefits in that they need no chemicals and can clean with absolute precision.

4) Cutting
Precision cutting is a major industrial requirement and one that is made easier by fiber lasers than previous technologies. Fiber lasers once again deliver absolute precision and cutting can be varied according to the thickness and type of material being cut (e.g. metal, plastic, etc.) SPI fiber lasers can be used to cut sheet metal and tubes and can cut objects all the way from micro machining to major sized parts for industries such as Aerospace.

5) Drilling
Laser drilling (as the name implies) is the use of a laser to precisely drill holes in the required places. Laser drilling is especially good at producing complex/unusual shapes and also for drilling hard to reach places. A range of materials can be drilled including metals, plastic, graphic composites and more. SPI fiber lasers can be used for a wide range of drilling applications.

6) Engraving
Engraving is an intricate task which manually requires the highest level of skilled staff and due to its nature is both risky and prone to error. A fiber laser can both light and deep engrave a range of materials with very high levels of accuracy and precision. Fiber lasers can be used to replace all manual engraving tasks and effectively replace a laser with a chisel!

7) Marking
Laser marking is the next fiber laser application and one which SPI Lasers excel in delivering. Marking can be used for example to add a QR code or bar code, to add colour, ay and night or black and white marks to a variety of materials (e.g. metals, plastics, ceramics, etc.) as well as for a variety of other uses. Once again the absolute accuracy of the fiber laser comes to the fore and provides a high-quality marking solution.

8) Welding
The final application but not by any means the least important is welding. As with engraving, a fiber laser can replace a highly skilled manual task with an automated welding join via a fiber laser. Laser welding reduces human error rates and is proven to be effective at delivering even the most complex of welding joins which are usually invisible to the human eye.

Why investing in an SPI Fiber Laser is an Investment in versatility
To find out more about SPI Lasers, their range of fiber lasers and capabilities, please visit www.spilasers.com/industrial-fiber-lasers for further information or to view the full infographic, please visit www.spilasers.com/news/investing-spi-fiber-laser-investment-versatility. SPI Lasers are also happy to provide interested customers with a thirty day trial, see their website for further details.

SPI Lasers contact information
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Image Credit: Cascade Laser

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