January 27, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ever looked online for mortgage rates, only to find it necessary to visit several sites to collect the information you are looking for? Mortgage RateTake from is bringing more mortgage rates to consumers, quickly and accurately. is a small search engine company that specializes in mortgage and real estate searches. Years of experience has been combined to bring many different searches to potential customers who are looking to purchase, refinance or obtain a home equity loan.

The Mortgage RateTake search uses a different approach than many internet sites today. Instead of a lender posting its rates to’s site – which often leads to out-of-date information – RateTake searches participating lender’s websites for mortgage rates and automatically reports them on the RateEmpire site. Consumers receive the latest rates and lenders don’t have to worry about listing their rates.

When a lender updates or refreshes their rate sheet, their newest rates appear at the top of the list. This ensures that consumers receive the newest rates available.

Lenders will enjoy free mortgage leads forever off of the site. They are able to designate their rates based on a state-by-state basis, helping the consumer to narrow their search. The lender benefits from having their rates updated each day, on one site and under the appropriate loan program and point selection. No longer must they log on to several sites each day to update their rate program information.

Consumers no longer need to search a multitude of pages to find the information they need. Cory Jones of Nashville, TN expressed the aggravation associated with searching for mortgage rates.

“When I first started looking for the best mortgage rates for my financial situation, I didn’t expect to have to search so many different sites,” said Jones, a first time home owner. “ seems to streamline the process for both lenders and consumers.”