AFuzion Selected by Top 3 Spanish Aero Companies: Next in Madrid: Feb 20-21, 2017 Public DO-178C Training

October 19, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 19, 2016 - News Release from AFuzion Inc, recently onsite in Spain: Spain likes winners both Real Madrid and Barcelona are among championship clubs in Spain…

Similarly Spain clearly chose AFuzion as the winner for DO-178C training: All three of Spain's top 3 aviation companies chose AFuzion's DO-178C training over the competitors. Who else chose AFuzion's training? The Spanish government also chose AFuzion for a full DO-178C & DO-254 Training regimen in 2016. That is four for four: in the game of football, that is rare. In avionics, only one company has that record: AFuzion.

Now, AFuzion's updated-for-2017 DO-178C training is coming to all aviation engineers: Public DO-178C training in Madrid on February 20-21, 2017. Price: 875, for the full two days; only in Spain. Why next year? Because everyone knows EASA and FAA are now coordinating significant avionics certification interpretations in November and December 2016, so AFuzion's 2017 training will continue to be the most updated, and most-preferred DO-178C training in the world. AFuzion's trainers provided the world's first DO-178 training and DO-178 gap analysis in 1988. AFuzion's trainers have trained more engineers than all the competitors in the world, combined: over 11,000 to date. AFuzion's training was also recently chosen over all others by the leading companies in USA, Italy, China, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries. Copyrighted by AFuzion's personnel via California Copyright law 25 years ago, updated monthly, and never relinquished - only available from AFuzion.

Says Florentino Hernanz of Doymus, AFuzion's partner in Spain: "AFuzion's training is up-to-date, addresses Europe's and Spain's needs, and is actually exciting. Every time we work with AFuzion's trainers our clients give them the highest ratings. I personally attended these Spain trainings by AFuzion and they were great very clear, great new materials and topics, and real-world examples by real engineers who actually develop avionics. Anyone who wants DO-178C training details or info on the best real-time software tools should simply contact me any time: "

Adds Vance Hilderman "At AFuzion, we don't sell products or tools; our training is the most preferred for the simple reason it is by far the very best because training, mentoring, and consulting are our main focus, not afterthoughts. All attendees have access to the world's largest, and most recent, collection of technical "How To" whitepapers, all 100% written by AFuzion's current personnel- the same people who provide the training and services. We were also chosen over all competitors to provide AFuzion's DO-178C training worldwide by SAE to all SAE clients and attendees. SAE is the largest aerospace organization and they too want the very best. We will preview this new DO-178C training to the public in Los Angeles on Dec 5-6, 2016 - info and registration for the USA session here: ✔ Dec 5-6, 2016: Public DO-178C Training via SAE: Los Angeles USA. $1370 Info & Registration:

Why attend AFuzion's training? Simple:
  • AFuzion's trainers have trained over 11,500 engineers worldwide; more than all competitors trainers COMBINED.
  • Attendees get free access to the world's largest collection of technical avionics development whitepapers; developed by AFuzion engineers, not un-named old rehashes
  • Learn DO-178C Best Practices, Top DO-178C Mistakes and How to Prevent, Avionics Cost Reduction
  • Learn DO-178C for UAV's, DO-178C for Military, EASA versus FAA Cert Differences
  • Learn common DO-178C Gaps and how to close (AFuzion has done over 80 DO-178 Gap Analysis; the world's first in 1988 and more than all our competitor's current engineers, COMBINED)
  • Learn DO-178C for the Real World by Real Engineers. Like Real Madrid, AFuzion's training is REAL … and in Madrid ;)

  • AFuzion Co-founder Mr. Chris Jackson adds "Our competitors do training as an after-thought and most of them were trained by the engineers at AFuzion; some of the less-reputable folks just rehash our decade old training and whitepapers and put their logo on our work. In aviation we call that "counterfeit product"; they just don't have the skill to develop their own training or their own whitepapers which is why resort to reusing our old work. But aviation changes and our training is continually updated it's always 2-3 years ahead of everyone else's. It's actually funny we had a couple European and an Asian client contact us to tell us they'd recently received old versions of our engineer's whitepapers and training written as far back as 2002 2006, and passed off as being "new" or being written by the counterfeiters because it had their logo on it. Of course they then chose to work with AFuzion because aviation is all about trust and integrity; this training was originally developed by our co-founder and he's held the sole copyright on it for over twenty years. Remember, people's lives are on the line. Who wants to work with counterfeiters? No one. Spain and the leading engineers in Europe are smart why buy counterfeit when the real thing is available and usually at a better price. From AFuzion."

    AFuzion is excited to bring the world's latest DO-178C training to Madrid and hope your colleagues (and maybe yourself) will attend. If you already attended a training by any of the current AFuzion trainers in the past fifteen years, you may come to Madrid 2017 for ½ price. For more information or to register, simply email Mr. Florentino Hernanz of Doymus in Madrid:

    For detailed training info, please see our AFuzion site (where we'll add the EASA/FAA latest info to the agenda after their coordination meetings are completed in two months):

    AFuzion DO-178C Training summary:

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