WeeTect Is On the Way to Be the Best Photochromic Lens Manufacturer

October 21, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
October 21, 2016 - WeeTect, a global leader in photochromic lens manufacturing, has today unveiled a new strategic plan aiming to expand its world market share while uplifting its OEM clients. This comes after the company introduced a new manufacturing technique called the WeeTect Photochromic Technology (WPT). The WPT will focus on photochromic coating and photochromic con-injection molding technologies.

"WeeTect technical team holds the know-how of both photochromic coating and photochromic co-injection technologies, alongside a wide range of lens surface treatments," said Taylor Lei, WeeTect product manager. "With all these technologies, we are confident that WeeTect will definitely guarantee the flexibility of custom design at a competitive price than most of our competitors. We believe this is the only sustainable way for all the key players to achieve long-term and short-term goals in the photochromic lens business."

As a leader in the photochromic lens manufacturing, WeeTect has adopted the following key technologies:

Photochromic coating
This involves injection molding the polycarbonate lens or visor to the right shape and design; then using a special photochromic material to do the photochromic coating on the lens or visor surface.

Photochromic co-mold
A photochromic film or photochromic sheet is co-injection molded with the lens or visor to produce the desired shape and designs.

Unique surface treatments
A photochromic property makes the lens to tint in case of any variation of light or UV radiation. According to WeeTect's strategic plan, this alone may not guarantee the required safety standards. This explains why WeeTect has explored other types of surface treatments or coatings.

WeeTect photochromic lenses will have anti-fog coating on the inner section. Other coating such as anti-scratch, hydrophobic and iridium can be combined together with the photochromic. They are mainly applied on the outer surface of the lens.

"As a company, we believe this is the most economical and sure way to have a fair share of the global market as we meet the specific needs of every OEM client," added Taylors Lei.

About WeeTect
WeeTect Material Limited is the leading football photochromic lenses and visors for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested R&D, producing a wide range of safety gears such as: helmet visors, face shields, mirrors and anti-fog solutions; with the recent technology being WeeTect Photochromic Technology (WPT).

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