New Amish Quilts and Handmade Crafts Website from Lancaster PA Just in Time for the Holiday Season

November 01, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
November 1, 2016 - Amish and online might typically fit together, but many Amish products continue to find their way into the online market. Such is the case with Family Farm Quilts of Shady Maple, an Amish quilt store located at the Shady Maple Complex in Lancaster County, PA and featuring hundreds of Amish quilts and handmade crafts for sale in the store and online.

Family Farm Quilts began decades ago and was founded by John's mother. She traveled extensively throughout Lancaster County and other Amish communities working with Amish women to create unique masterpieces for beds all over the world. These Amish quilts were then sold in her stores in Lancaster County, PA where hundreds of shoppers and tourists came to take home their prize.

Today, her children continue to run the stores while mother keeps up her job of working with the men and women who carefully piece together each quilt and craft.

"The unique thing about our store," says owner, John Lapp, is that everything is handmade." No factory produced items, no mass production; everything featured at Family Farm Quilts of Shady Maple is produced by small craftsmen who have a story behind their products.

Some of the Amish quilt and craft makers are just looking for a little extra cash income. It might be a mother with ten children trying to make a little extra to help pay off the farm or a young daughter creating a craft to help with the family expenses.

Others turn to creating quilts and handmade crafts in Lancaster PA due to financial hardship or a sudden tragedy in the family. At times, the community of Amish women gather in a home around a quilt and as they chatter away in Pennsylvania Dutch, their needles and thread are bobbing up and down creating an Amish Quilt to help pay for an unexpected hospital bill. The stories are real life experiences that will live on through these Amish quilts for generations.

A visit to the Quilts of Shady Maple website invites all those tired of mass production and those ready for a world in which the story behind an item means more than the bottom line, to come home. This holiday season Family Farm Quilts of Shady Maple gives you that chance to move your shopping away from the conglomerates and shop in a small online Amish Quilts and Crafts store supporting families and buying a story that will live on for generations.

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