Shop Insurance Canada Says Ontario Auto Insurance Price Hike is a Step Backwards

November 03, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
November 3, 2016 - The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) released its third quarter auto insurance rate approvals and the recommendations in October, and it was shocking for many. The body recommends auto insurance rates should be increased. Shop Insurance Canada says this is a blow to the provinces quest to lower premium rates and will mean increased insurance costs for consumers.

In its guidance, the FSCO recommended that auto insurance rates should be increased by 1.50%. However, some insurance providers are more cautious about the outlook and have increased rates by as much as 12%.

When a Canadian province recommends increased insurance rates, companies can make an individual decision on how much to raise premiums. We have already seen in some provinces that insurers went against regulatory recommendations and decided not to raise their premiums in 2016. It is unclear at this moment which auto insurers will follow that lead in Ontario, but some have already started raising premiums by up to 12%.

This development has the potential to scupper the hard work the Ontario government and the private insurance industry have put in to decreasing insurance rates in the province. Auto coverage in Ontario is more expensive than anywhere else in Canada, with an average yearly premium of over $1,500.

In 2013, the Liberal government pledged to cut costs by over 15% by 2015, a goal that was ultimately missed. Since then, work has continued to lower car insurance in Ontario, with the number now around 10% less than it was in 2013. Insurance industry expert Shop Insurance Canada says that it feels like consumers are back at square one:

"Increased auto insurance recommendations is something we are seeing across Canadian provinces. However, it will be felt more in Ontario, where premiums are already excessively high. After winning praise for its strategy to lower costs for customers, the government is now starting all over again if insurance companies hike rates considerably."

"If insurance companies now increase rates by up to 12%, Ontarians could find themselves back to square one in terms of how much they pay for auto insurance," Shop Insurance Canada argues. "Of course, the majority of companies will raise premiums by lower percentages, and as mentioned some may not higher them at all. However, even a small increase means that hope of continued decreases in Ontarian car insurance costs are harder to predict."

With many Ontarians now facing up to increased auto insurance rates, the need to shop around for auto insurance is hugely important. Using a quoting tool like on Shop Insurance Canada is the best way to ensure you get the best coverage at the most affordable price possible.

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